Honoring Phillips Corporation’s Veterans: Veterans Serving Those Who Serve

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HANOVER, MD – Phillips Federal is 100% focused on partnering with the U.S. Government to solve your toughest manufacturing challenges. We understand the unique needs of the U.S. Government and take these responsibilities seriously.

Below is the story of John Hartley and how he has become an integral part of supporting the U.S. Federal Government.

John Hartley served in the U.S. Navy for 8 years as a Special Weapons Technician and served in the Navy Police. John explains that the most important lesson he learned is that “you can accomplish anything, just have to have the right mindset and the determination to keep going back – no matter how many times it takes.”

“There is always a way to increase our chances for success at Phillips Federal. Writing technical machine descriptions, making sure our sales/quoting database is clean and associations are current, and analyzing each failure or loss in order to find a way to succeed the next time an opportunity presents itself.” – John Hartley, Account Manager