Phillips Corporation Releases Personalized AM Training

by | Mar 26, 2019 | Phillips Additive | 0 comments

Hanover, MD – Phillips Corporation is honored to release their additive manufacturing training services, MyAM.

Well into its maturity, additive manufacturing is revolutionizing manufacturing. Not just for rapid prototyping, but for complex production, low-cost customization, rapid turnarounds, functional optimization, “light weighting”, increased item quality and density, and much more. Parts once considered impossible to produce are now possible.

By releasing MyAM, Phillips Corporation’s AM users can achieve new levels of productivity with customizable training, preventative upkeep for additive manufacturing machines, support from certified experts, and service maintenance from the best-in-class technicians.

With MyAM, customers will be able to move from ideation to creation and prototype to production safely, efficiently, and rapidly.  MyAM will enable increased productivity, performance, and innovation in ways previously unachievable with traditional training tools and manufacturing techniques.”  – Howie Marotto, Business Development.

Adding to their array of training services, Phillips Corporation’s users can hold confidence to integrate additive into their manufacturing process, unlock AM unlimited possibilities, and exploit new manufacturing opportunities to grow their business and stay ahead of the curve.

MyAM advanced training will allow the user to own their additive manufacturing process. Being able to understand the user’s business goals enables us to advise them on processes that will best fit their facility and their previous knowledge on additive. MyAM is revolutionary for our users and will provide them with the tools they need to stay ahead of the manufacturing industry”. – Tie Siemers, Application Engineer.

Click here for more information on MyAm Training Courses. 

– Tie Siemers, Application Engineer