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HANOVER, MD – Phillips Federal is 100% focused on partnering with the U.S. Government to solve your toughest manufacturing challenges. We understand the unique needs of the U.S. Government and take these responsibilities seriously.

Below is the story of Dave Cirilo and how he has become an integral part of supporting the U.S. Federal Government.

Dave Cirillo has served in the Army National Guard for 8 ½ years in Satellite Communications and Cyber Security. Dave explains the most important thing he learned in the military is to have self-discipline, patience, and pay attention to detail. In my daily routine of always staying on top of what needs to be done and keeping the machines running, I use self-discipline to figure out issues with the machines and take the time to figure out all options. Keeping communication open with all customers and paying attention to detail ensures everyone is taken care of properly and everything gets done right the first time.”

“As far as being a veteran and helping a customer, it can help us with getting onto the facility quicker. I know firsthand this past week I had to go to a Navy base and I didn’t have to fill out specific access forms because I still carry my DOD ID and that got me on site and I could spend more time with the customer. We understand how their process works and we try and figure out a way to get around that lead time while we are there on site.”  Dave Cirilo, Applications Engineer.