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HANOVER, MD – Phillips Federal is 100% focused on partnering with the U.S. Government to solve your toughest manufacturing challenges. We understand the unique needs of the U.S. Government and take these responsibilities seriously.

Below is the story of John Murray and how he has become an integral part of supporting the U.S. Federal Government.

John Murray served in the U.S. Air Force for 24 years as an Aircraft Metals Technician (ASFC – 2A7X1).

John explains the most important thing he learned in the military was “…teamwork. Teamwork comes down to more than being on a team. Teamwork is looking out for others and understanding their roles. You impact their life and their job – you have to think about being in their shoes. Teams are made up of different individuals and parts. Our machines reflect a part of a working team – Everyone plays a part, and without one there isn’t a whole.

Simply put, life in the military is challenging and rewarding.  The friendships earned through your commitment to your unit and service are life long bonds.  People often thank me for my service, and I cannot help but respond that it was my honor to serve them.  I cannot ever pay back all the good that the USAF did for me, but I can continue to love my country and protect it with all my strength.

– John Murray

USAF Retired – SMSgt, Special Projects Manager