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Phillips Federal Partners with VRC Metal Systems

RAPID CITY, South Dakota – VRC Metal Systems, LLC is excited to announce that Phillips Federal will provide services and be a strategic partner for VRC’s cold spray equipment to the Federal Government.

VRC is a manufacturer of high-pressure cold spray equipment and develops applications for additive manufacturing, repair, corrosion restoration, and prevention. Cold spray deposits metal on sensitive or difficult-to-weld surfaces to repair damaged areas of a used part without causing additional problems like warping, cracking, or softening of the part. VRC technology is currently being used in the DoD to support the readiness of their forces.    

“The addition of VRC and their cold spray products provides another important tool to our product offerings here at Phillips Federal. Cold spray is an exciting technology, which is game changing in that it provides the DoD with a cost effective and rapid methods to make vital repairs. VRC is the leading provider of high-pressure cold spray products and the only vendor currently offering a portable unit that fits size requirements for easy deployment in expeditionary environments. We are looking forward to supporting this new offering and its impacts it will have in addressing our customer’s challenging needs.” – John Sjolander, Additive Manufacturing Product Manager.

Cold spray is applied to a wide range of metal alloy parts, but also can be used to deposit stainless steel and other high strength steels including bronze alloys, nickel alloys, titanium, and exotic elements like tantalum and niobium. Federal customers will be able to solve challenges that other technologies were not able to do in the past. Just outside of Ellsworth AFB in South Dakota, VRC is in a perfect spot for a competitive advantage.

“VRC’s partnering with Phillips Federal will provide an advantage over our competitors selling to the Federal Government. It is clear that Phillips’ reputation as a trusted and experienced distributor will solidify our place as the cold spray market leader to the Federal Government.” – Tom Woods, Business Management and Sales Director.

About VRC Systems

VRC is a strong company that is growing rapidly and is a leader in the cold spray market. While the development of repair applications is ongoing in aerospace and defense, the company is expanding the use of its technologies to a growing number of commercial entities for use in both industrial repair and novel manufacturing process applications.

Please contact Rob Osthus at or 605-716-0065 if you have any questions or require further information. Additional information is located at

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