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FMSL 60 Series

Centrifugal disc finishers are ideal for the types of surface finishing necessary for DMLS, SLA, FDM, and other additive manufacturing methods. FMSL machines are excellent for finishing conventional materials such as brass, copper, steel and aluminum.

FMSL 22 Series

Centrifugal Disc Finishers are offered in various sizes and configurations ranging from three liter and eight liter bench top models up to 60 liter free-standing floor models. Machines can be configured with one to three process chambers. 

FM-WJ Water Jet Blasters

Water jet blasting is a wet slurry treatment process which removes powder and improves surfaces in a single operation, without chemicals or solvents. A pressurized blasting can be used to create desired cosmetic and functional surface finishes, while removing all excess build material. 


FM – CU2024 System

FM-CU2024 automated cleaning system is an all-in-one solution for your 3D post processing needs. Remove build material and/or prepare your parts for dyeing and coating in the ultrasonic cleaner, which comes with complete with heating, agitation, & filtration.