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Phillips Federal News

CNC Milling Parts for the Federal Government

Amongst the various CNC (Computer Numerical Control) machining applications, CNC Milling is a machining process that makes use of computerised controls and multi-point rotating cutting tools that move across the surface of the workpiece to steadily and successively remove excess material and produce a pre-designed custom product or part. 

CNC Milling can be applied to a variety of materials, including wood, glass, plastic, resin, and metal. CNC precision machining services employ a variety of capabilities, such as chemical, mechanical, thermal, and electrical.

CNC Milling for the US Federal Government 

CNC Milling is capable of producing various types of manufacturing parts with high precision and is therefore used by the United States Federal Departments, especially the Department of Defense, for manufacturing various military and defence components. However, note that, for any part or product to be deemed fit for military or defence use, it has to meet a set of standards. 

The ‘Military Standards’ or MIL-STD or MIL-SPEC are a list of specific commercial and technical processes that need to be implemented in a consistent and undeviating manner to satisfy the multiple production and manufacturing standards set by the US Department of Defense.

Defence and Military Components Using CNC Precision Machining 

The precision of CNC Milling machines makes them ideal for producing a wide range of defence and military products and parts. Common components produced using CNC precision machines are:

  1. Missile components
  2. Naval ship components
  3. Track hubs
  4. Retainer rings
  5. Transmission components
  6. Aircraft components, including seat frames
  7. Aerospace couplers
  8. Helicopter components
  9. Flanges
  10. Clamshells

 Materials Used in CNC Milling for Manufacturing for the US Federal Departments 

  1. Titanium
  2. Nickel Alloys
  3. Carbon Steel
  4. Stainless Steel
  5. Tool Steel
  6. Hardened Steel
  7. 6061 Aluminium
  8. 7075 Aluminium
  9. Waspaloy
  10. Hastelloy
  11. Inconel
  12. Common Aluminium
  13. Thermoplastic
  14. Rubber
  15. Brass
  16. Graphite
  17. Carbide
  18. Composites

 CNC Milling Parts Providers for the US Federal Government 

There are multiple CNC technology providers across the US and globally that service the various CNC Milling needs of the US Federal government. For instance, Phillips Corporation, through its Phillips Federal division has been the single exclusive distributor of Haas Automation CNC machines, CNC training to the federal employees, consumables, and any other certified CNC services to the US Federal government for close to 25 years. 

Along with CNC machines, Phillips Federal’s CNC wing also offers expert, hands-on, on-premise, and customizable training modules for the US Federal employees to educate and familiarise them with the model, workings, and applications of CNC Milling machines. The training incorporates CNC controls, tools section, work holding, machine setup, automation, multi-axis programming, probing, and so on.

Additionally, the Phillips Federal Life Cycle team takes care of the CNC machines from the first setup, maintenance, repairs, replacements, etc., and serves as the one-point contact for all CNC machining needs after installation and training.


In the United States of America, CNC technology has and continues to shape and innovate the supply chain and manufacturing sectors. It drives the American economy and lays the foundation for sustainable processes that make the commerce and defence industry survive major slowdowns, including the COVID-19 pandemic.

With the convenience of a local distributor and the experience and vigor of an international organization, Phillips Federal offers the perfect partnership to the US Federal Government for its CNC Milling needs.

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