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Tom SchmidtAccount Executive
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"We have worked with Federal Phillips for nearly a decade and appreciate the level of communication, professionalism, and detail they provide.  The professionalism extends through all ranks and Smokey Point Distributing looks forward to working with them on every shipment."
Machine Transport, Inc.
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“Machine Transport has enjoyed Phillips Corp as a customer for many years.  Every one of the sales and support staff are very knowledgeable, professional, and terrific people with whom to work.  They live in a world of complex rules, requirements, and procedures, and they make it all seem easy.  Their expertise and skill allow the work we do to flow smoothly within each operation and project. We look forward to each time we have an opportunity to provide services to Phillips.”
Joshua CollierReckart Logistics, Inc
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"Working with the Federal Division of Phillips Corporation has been a pleasure from day one. Nancy and her staff are always properly prepared to provide us with all pertinent information timely. This ensures that shipments run as scheduled, and her customer's experience remains at a very high level."

Required Documents

To ensure your machine delivery is scheduled, please return the New Machine Document form as soon as possible. Machine delivery cannot be scheduled until the completed from is received. Please contact Nancy Reynolds if you have any questions or concerns. 


Once your machine’s utilities (air and electric) are connected, please contact us, and we will schedule the installation of your machine.

Our certified technician will start with the rough level, install the necessary options and accessories, power up the machine, and provide a brief overview of its functions.

No, lifting kits are not included. Typically, these are standard fixtures that riggers would have on hand.

For machine transport, our carriers will use either a flatbed or step deck truck to make for easy offloading with a forklift.

This will not affect the warranty of the machine; just be sure the phasing light is lit correctly.

Permanent machine codes are typically available 90 days after the machine has been delivered. In the meantime, we will supply you with a temporary code so that you can use your machine until the permanent is available.

The IUID tag is a serialized metal plate that needs to be affixed to your machine. The government scans the tag to track all of their assets. The tag is also used for the service techs to identify your machine for parts and repairs.

If the voltage is not correct and aligned with the facility’s electrical requirements, it could cost the customer time and money to correct this issue.

We confirm your door size to ensure that your machine will encounter no issues getting into the final area of placement. In addition to the door size, we like to confirm that there are no obstructions in the pathway and that the access is clear.

Most of our machine manufacturers have manuals readily available on their website with the most updated information.

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