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Phillips Federal News

DELTA H® and Phillips Federal Division Deliver Three Aluminum Heat Treating Systems to Joint Base San Antonio-Randolph for Maintaining the T-38 Talon Trainer Aircraft

Wednesday, December 13, 2023

Joint Base San Antonio – Randolph, TX: DELTA H® recently commissioned a dual chamber model DCAHT®-181248-1200/500-MIL, a DCAHT®-241672-1200/500-MIL, and a large single chamber SCAHT®-303048-1200-MIL.  The project is for supporting T-38 Talon Repair Inspection and Maintenance, or TRIM, modifications for performing localized, depot-level maintenance to replace or repair key parts in order to keep these valuable training platforms mission-ready.

USAF depot-level heat treating requires full compliance with AMS2750G.  The heat treating systems provided by DELTA H were for replacing existing systems which proved too troublesome or costly to try to qualify and were never designed for modern pyrometry standards.  The furnace systems were placed into production service the week following qualifying and training.

Richard Conway, Director and CTO of DELTA H shares, “We are grateful and humbled to be recognized among the mission-critical technology partners supporting this very important project, and pleased to play a part in extending the service life of the valuable T-38 airframe.”

 Third-party compliance and initial qualifying certification of all 5 chambers were provided by Conrad Kacsik Instrument Systems of Solon, Ohio.  Conrad Kacsik field service pyrometry technicians completed all initial qualifying requirements in 3 days. 

Jake Kacsik, President of Conrad Kacsik Instrument Systemsshares, “The results are always impressive when testing DELTA H furnaces.  By far the most reliable and consistent systems for maintaining the strict standards of aerospace pyrometry.  Richard and I not only have a career long professional relationship, but also, we both served in the USAF.” 

DELTA H is exclusively represented worldwide by PHILLIPS FEDERAL Division for all military and government sales.      

John Murray, USAF Retired, SMSgt, Product Manager – Phillips Corporation, Federal Division shares, “DELTA H compliments our product offerings to Metals Tech facilities. Regardless of traditional machining or additive manufacturing, Phillips Corporation – Federal Division strives to meet the needs of the USAF Fabrication Flight Warfighter, providing the best solutions for their support of US power projection and strategic deterrence.  Phillips Corporation – Federal Division stands beside USAF Fabrication Flights around the globe ready to cut, fabricate, manufacture, and metallurgically process any part-anytime-anywhere.  The addition of Delta H has provided rock solid thermal treatment equipment that guarantees the quality of USAF aircraft repairs and the safety of those who fly, fight, and win for the United States of America.”

About DELTA H TECHNOLOGIES, LLC and Phillips Federal Division:

DELTA H® manufactures heat treating equipment designed exclusively for serving the uncompromising standards of the aerospace & defense industry with guaranteed compliance to the strict and demanding requirements of AMS2750G and Nadcap accreditation.  DELTA H® is proud to serve leading aircraft OEMs, aircraft MRO facilities worldwide, aircraft parts suppliers, and the Armed Forces worldwide.

 Phillips Federal Division is the leading service provider and manufacturing partner to the United States Government.  DELTA H® is proud and grateful to be among their distinguished partners and represented companies.


Richard B. Conway, Director/CTO


Jacob A. (Jake) Kacsik – President


John Murray – Product Manager

Phillips Corporation – Federal Division

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