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Government Sectors Using CNC Machines

Government Sectors Using CNC Machines

With the passage of time, the face of manufacturing has been consistently evolving. Gone are the days when advanced machinery was dependent on significant human intervention, thereby leaving room for a high degree of human error. This is the age of Computer Numerical Control Machines, also referred to as CNC Machines. 

What are CNC Machines? 

CNC machines are machines whose operations revolve around computerized controls. These machines find application across industries for a variety of tasks that were hitherto carried out with the use of simpler machines that required a high amount of human interface.

CNC machines are primarily utilized to fabricate metal into the desired shape. To this end, there is a wide array of CNC Machines, for instance:

  • CNC Milling Machine 
  • CNC Grinding Machine 
  • CNC Drilling Machine 
  • CNC Wire EDM, etc. 

Major Government Sectors in the United States That Utilize CNC Machines 

The application of CNC machines has made machining and manufacturing processes seamless across sectors in the United States of America. An increasing number of organizations across the globe are investing in CNC machines to enhance productivity, reduce human effort, and curtail overall costs. 

The Federal government has been one of the major users of CNC machines, with the imprint of the technology evident across various government sectors, prominent amongst which are the Defense and Automotives sectors. Here are the key sectors of the US Federal Government wherein CNC machines play an instrumental role in the manufacturing process:

  • Defense Sector

The application of CNC machines in the country’s defense sector can be traced as far back as the Gulf War when four-axis CNC machines were employed to manufacture Tomahawk missiles for the US military. Nowadays, a wide array of military equipment is manufactured using CNC machines, ranging from handheld weapons to missiles. The high degree of precision that is characteristic of CNC machining makes it ideal for military equipment. 

  • Aerospace Sector

Another key Federal government sector that employs CNC machines is the aerospace sector. CNC Milling machines are utilized to craft the skins of the F35 aircraft. As a result of the precision of the machining, the surface of the plane has minimal, if any, imbalances, thereby reducing the odds of radar detection. Aside from CNC Milling machines, CNC Drilling machines also feature prominently in the manufacture of military aircraft. 

  • Detection Equipment 

If there is one thing that is common across detection equipment of various shapes and sizes, it is that the finer the finishing on the equipment, the better its detection capabilities. This is where CNC machines come in. Since CNC Machines can craft metal in precise shapes and sizes, they are excellent for manufacturing detection equipment such as radars. 

  • Automotive Sector

CNC machines are also utilized in the Automotive sector. Various parts required in the manufacture and assembly of vehicles can be manufactured using CNC machining. The versatility of this type of machining makes it the ideal choice for fabricating different types of metals and alloys, such as aluminum and stainless steel. Vehicles such as the Hummer H2, for instance, are manufactured using CNC Milling machines. 

Phillips Federal For The US Federal Government’s CNC Machine Requirements

Over the past 25 years, Philips Federal has been the exclusive distributor of CNC HAAS machines and other CNC machining equipment for the various departments of the US Federal Government. 

For any type of CNC machine, you can trust us to deliver high-quality products in a swift manner. In addition to this, our commitment to customer service is second to none. 

Choose Phillips and enjoy a seamless experience. 

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