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Phillips Federal News

Making Additive Manufacturing More Productive with EOS for US Defense

Making Additive Manufacturing More Productive with EOS for US Defense

In 2021, the US Defense released its first-ever comprehensive Additive Manufacturing Strategy. This strategy offers a roadmap to fully integrate additive manufacturing and 3D printing systems in its acquisition and sustainment communities. The strategy outlines three key impact areas of additive manufacturing on the country’s defense and economic dominance:

  • Modernizing the defense systems
  • Boosting the speed of prototyping and producing direct parts, reducing the risk of obsolete hardware
  • Enabling Warfighters using innovative solutions using additive manufacturing capabilities

Phillips is the exclusive and sole distributor of EOS additive manufacturing equipment and services to the United States Federal Government.

EOS Solutions

EOS Global offers manufacturing solutions using 3D printing machines and technology to various manufacturers. Its innovative products and practices, like the Industrial 3D Printer, coupled with its commitment to shaping the future of manufacturing, have established the brand as a trusted name in additive manufacturing in the world. EOS is the pioneer and innovator of various integrated solutions in additive manufacturing.

Benefits offered by Phillips via EOS to the US Defense 

  • Over three decades of experience in Direct Metal laser Sintering and Selecting Laser Sintering – additive manufacturing techniques
  • Most US Defense production tasks are repeatable making EOS the ideal partner
  • Comprehensive quality control that ensures optimum production quality
  • Detailed build documentation to boost system monitoring
  • Laminar gas management. This helps ensure the ideal management of gas for different build conditions.
  • High levels of accuracy and part strength
  • More than two dozen validated materials and process parameters to offer the best-quality builds
  • Recirculating filter system for longer filter life and lower operating costs as it removes condensate cake
  • Nesting of multiple parts

Phillips also offers customized additive manufacturing (AM) solutions using EOS and AMCM M 1K laser(s) machines. 

Performance Assurance Program

To ensure that the Federal facilities make the optimum use of AM machines and mitigate any downtime, Phillips offers a Performance Assurance (PA) program. This is an extension of the preventive maintenance plan and goes beyond the standard routine maintenance. The US Defense facilities can customize the program based on their specific requirements and choose between one-time visits and dynamic contracts across facilities and the number of visits.


Phillips Federal offers a range of courses in traditional and additive manufacturing areas. These courses are customizable allowing Defense personnel to select the course, topic, and subject areas as per the requirements of their facility. Phillips has also joined hands with EOS to deliver Additive Minds training to Federal users and consulting for EOS 3D Printing technology and machines.

The services offered by Phillips and EOS help build prototypes and manage series production. The team offers consulting and service, from designing the application to generating data and constructing parts and post-processing. EOS offers end-to-end manufacturing solutions for the entire industrial value chain.

Summing Up

Phillips has been associated with the US Department of Defense for over 50 years providing manufacturing technology expertise and products. The company has also entered into an agreement with the US Army’s Rock Island CoE for manufacturing unique parts using additive technology applications and processes. 

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