Our Additive Promise Improves Your Readiness

Additive manufacturing (AM) is creating new capabilities that are not possible through traditional machining. Many original equipment manufacturers (OEMs) are already improving readiness through the use of AM and concurrently increasing the performance of their systems.

While AM is viewed as a critical tool to address readiness by senior leaders in the DoD, there are several challenges. From a lack of trained technicians and engineers to funding challenges that make significant capital investments in a rapidly changing technology challenging, the DoD has few options for adequately exploiting the value of AM at scale.

Phillips can help bridge these gaps by pairing advanced manufacturing technologies with adaptive business models for OEMs and the Federal Government. By creating agile, flexible models, Phillips, with its team of Federal-focused AM experts, will enable government entities and commercial solution providers to expand their use of AM now rapidly, and for years in the future.

Phillips stands ready to be your critical provider of AM and will help you realize the incredible value of AM, from increased readiness to improved capability, survivability, and agility for the warfighter.

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We offer custom training that can be provided at any Federal Facility. We can design these training solutions to meet your specific training requirements. Our “learn by doing” approach not only deepens mastery but often leads to major process improvements.

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