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Life Cycle Solutions

Reduce Downtime & Keep Machines Running

For us, it’s not about the machines. It’s about the people who stand behind them. Our Life Cycle Team is here for you and your facility to provide everything – and we mean everything – you need to keep your machines running longer and more efficiently so you can continue to manufacture your mission.

Our Life Cycle Team supports you at every angle with support, service, applications, training, consulting, machines, equipment, materials, and anything else your facility requires to maintain readiness. 

Assurance Phillips FederalPerformance

Performance Assurance


Performance Assurance Program

(PA) is an expansion of preventative maintenance that goes beyond traditional routine maintenance. PAs provide customizable options for Federal Facilities ranging from one-time preventative maintenance visits to multi-facility and multi-year dynamic contracts. PAs also can include unique funding options with reactive service and spare parts support.
These services allow your facility to maximize the use of your machines while mitigating unscheduled downtime. Frequent inspections, as well as an accurate diagnosis of machine tools through our programs, have reduced manufacturing costs and have improved part quality, machining accuracy, machine availability, and machine life. 
Performance Assurance Program

Custom Contracts

Our Life Cycle Team offers a variety of custom contracts to fit your specific maintenance and service requirements. Our contracts can cover one facility to multiple buildings in one facility and cover a multitude of machines, both AM and CNC. Our most common maintenance contracts are for Haas Automation, OMAX Waterjets, and EOS Global – which can be seen in more detail below.
US Army developing process for using 3D printing

Reactive Service

Our Performance Assurance Program provides unique funding options with reactive service and spare parts support. After a service or maintenance visit, a report will be left with the facility outlining work performed and the condition of the machine(s). This will include recommendations for any reactive service or spare parts necessary to bring the machine to full specs, and discretionary funds may be applied.

​If you’re unsure how to utilize these funds, we are here to help answer any questions and walk you through the process. If you know how you would like to apply them, we are on standby to facilitate.​ 


The Performance Assurance Program (PA) is an expansion of preventative maintenance that goes beyond traditional routine maintenance. Our PAs provide customizable solutions for Federal Facilities ranging from one-time maintenance visits to multi-facility and multi-year contracts with discretionary funding options. 

To request information on service contracts by manufacturer, please contact the Life Cycle Team at FederalLifeCycle@phillipscorp.com. 

Based on the report generated from the Maintenance Checklist, and per request by the facility, a reactive service and spare parts proposal will be provided for approval by the authorized representative. 

For questions about your current service contract, call +1 800 878 4747.

Discretionary funds can be used, at your discretion, for the maintenance and supplies that you need for your machine tools. They can be applied to repair parts, repair services, and options and accessories necessary for your applications. If you’re unsure how to utilize your current funds, please contact us. 

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