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Phillips Federal News

Phillips Federal Introduces AURA's SmartThread Products; Cybersecurity Solutions for the Defense Industrial Base (DIB)

Monday, September 11st, 2023, 0800 hours (DTG: 110800RSEP23) 

AURA Technologies’ patented TrustedDM products secure the DoD’s digital supply chain, enabling secure use of CNC and Additive machine tools on DoD networks, and ensures the authenticity, integrity, and privacy of technical data, furthering Phillips vision to be the world’s best supplier of manufacturing technology. 

 HANOVER, MD — The Federal Division of Phillips Corporation has signed a partnership agreement with AURA Technologies (Chapel Hill, NC), to introduce new cybersecurity hardware and software products, under the TrustedDM brand name. TrustedDM (the DM stands for digital manufacturing) is the umbrella term for a series of interlinked technologies that meet the extensive cybersecurity requirements of the Military/DoD and allow end-to-end encrypted transmission of DM packages*, between trusted networks and industrial machines. TrustedDM is a hardware and software solution which uses Trusted Endpoint hardware devices to connect industrial machine tools** to existing DoD network infrastructure.  

Using AURA’s TrustedDM technology, DM packages – and possibly specific contents within it – are digitally-signed by the respective source(s)-of-authorityensuring authenticity, integrity, and privacy of the technical data – and the locked-down recipe and policy enforcement on the TrustedDM trusted endpoint ensures reproducible fabrication. Trusted Endpoint devices support new Risk Management Framework (RMF) and Zero-Trust (ZT) Architecture requirements, may be optionally configured to match your facilities’ network and security profile/posture, and are machine brand/model agnostic. 


TrustedDM is a gamechanger for the DIB and allows Phillips Federal to safely connect industrial machines to NIPR networks at Federal/Military facilities, from modern machines that support Ethernet communications and modern security protocols, all the way to old machines from the 1990’s or earlier, which use RS-232 serial communications. Trusted Endpoints are an enabling technology for connecting manufacturing equipment to DOD networks. Our goal is to make it easy to connect your CNC or Additive machines to your government network and allow supported machines to achieve full compliance with existing and evolving IT/Cybersecurity cATO, RMF, and ZT requirements.” 


– Colin Gilchrist, Phillips Federal Digital Systems Product Manager 


TrustedDM technology allows downstream manufacturers in the DIB Supply Chain to use a “build recipe” developed, tested, certified and accredited, by another company, by simply paying royalties to the data owners/authors (Prime and/or developer of the print recipe), to begin printing parts and record the fabrication details of each part with a digital birth certificate. The Trusted Endpoint devices are built with a Common Access Card (CAC/Smartcard) Reader, which controls authentication and authorization (AUTHN & AUTHZ) over the manufacturing process at the part component level. 


“We at AURA Technologies are absolutely thrilled about our alliance with Phillips. We have entrusted Phillips with our patented technology due to their outstanding track record. We are confident that this partnership will lead us towards a future filled with game-changing innovations and remarkable accomplishments.” 

Mark Maxwell CAPT, USN (Ret.) AURA Technologies’ EVP of Defense Programs


*Examples: CNC machine tools, Additive 3D Printers, CMM/Metrology, Robotic Welders, Heat Treating Ovens, Presses, P.I.T. Computers, and other Industrial Plant Equipment. 


**DM Packages comprise the recipe and other metadata required to fabricate a particular part on a specific type of machine via a TrustedDM Trusted Endpoint. DM packages may contain: DM Data (G-code program, Print/Build package), machine requirements (model, firmware, options, etc.), fabrication specifications, policy specifications, data security and integrity (chain-of-trust, source-of-authority verification), and trusted policy enforcement, Design Files (if they are required by a particular machine), work instructions,  – or other technical data, such a g-code or additive deposition path, in other words, DM packages contain “the recipe for manufacturing a specific part”. 


About Phillips Federal 


Phillips Corporation, Federal Division, is the leading service provider and manufacturing partner to the United States Federal Government. Founded in 1961, Phillips Federal has performed thousands of services and has won numerous contracts for a multitude of Federal facilities. Over 60 years focused on supporting DoD manufacturing with a diverse portfolio of best-in-class capabilities and equipment Full solutions provider of Advanced Manufacturing (Additive, Hybrid, and Subtractive) capability to the US Federal government and commercial sectors Services focused on manufacturing software, application support, consulting, managed services, workforce development, life cycle sustainment, consumables, and maintenance support Strategic relationships with DoD, technology and market leaders for additive manufacturing technologies, CAD/CAM software, advanced machine tools, service, and support. Developed Hybrid DED AM solution to accommodate a smaller footprint with DoD expeditionary applications in mind Personnel based workforce and services contracts Exclusive Partner agreement with over twenty tier one suppliers Developed and supplies mobile CNC Mill and Lathe for the Army’s Metal Working Mobile Shop Set (MWMSS) ITAR and JCP registered for Controlled Unclassified Information Technical Data Work Force Development Training Program (CNC and AM) with the Office of the Secretary of Defense (IBAS) 


About AURA Technologies 


AURA Technologies is a team of experienced engineers, scientists, innovators, and business experts developing transformative technology solutions solving difficult challenges for the US Government. With recent expansion into the commercial sector, AURA Technologies’ experts have forged new partnerships with companies to drive innovation in solving real-world challenges. AURA operates at the forefront of advancements in Artificial Intelligence, Machine Learning, and Quantum Computing and leverages these technologies to build Advanced Manufacturing Environments & Data Exchanges, playing a pivotal role in shaping the future of the US Department of Defense. AURA Technologies, headquartered in Chapel Hill, NC, stands out as a pioneering force in research and technology solutions.  

In 2020, AURA debuted on Inc. Magazine’s Fastest Growing companies in the United States (at #125 and remained in the Top-500 in 2021) AURA has started an initiative in Quantum Computing, an area listed as a top-3 priority by the US Department of Defense In 2020, during the pandemic, AURA launched its commercial sector with the introduction of BlueCart™, a healthcare telepresence device, and IonBar™, a virus-neutralizing device using negative air ions AURA Technologies is an expert in numerous aspects of AI, including machine learning algorithms for both time and frequency-domain data, computer vision, and image recognition AURA brings decades of experience in developing advanced technology systems with real-world applications, benefiting our main customer, the United States Department of Defense (DoD) 


Phillips Federal Contacts 


VOICE +1 800-878-4747 



WEB https://phillipscorp.com/federal/ 


PHILLIPS DIGITAL SYSTEMS nx@phillipscorp.com 



AURA Technologies 



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