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Phillips Federal News

Phillips Federal - The Best EDM Leaders In The United States of America

Phillips Federal - The Best EDM Leaders In The United States of America

It is no secret that the manufacturing sector is one of the most pivotal sectors of any economy, driving the cycle of production, distribution, and consumption. Over the course of the past few decades, manufacturing has undergone a drastic evolution, but one thing that has remained constant is the role of machining in manufacturing. Various types of machining constitute the backbone of the manufacturing sector, one of which is EDM manufacturing. 

What Is Electric Discharge Machining? 

Electric Discharge Machining, also known as EDM machining, is a type of machining wherein an EDM manufacturer fabricates metal by way of reduction through an electric charge. The working of an EDM machine is fairly simple: a high-frequency electric current is discharged to the metal that is desired to be shaped. 

The electric spark is transferred to the metal from an electrode and a dielectric liquid serves as the conduit for said transfer. Not only does the aforementioned liquid help control the discharge of the electric charge, but it also plays a pivotal role in the removal of the material separated from the metal. 

Applications of Electric Discharge Machines  

Electric Discharge Machines have various applications, including drilling holes, cutting wires, and die sinking. You can opt for the appropriate category of EDM on the basis of the intended use of the machine. 

For instance, if you wish to utilize an EDM for die sinking, then you need a type of EDM that contains an electrode with a shape opposite of the intended cavity in the workpiece. For wire cutting, EDMs with a vertical wire electrode are ideal. On the other hand, EDMs with electrodes shaped like tubes work best for the purpose of drilling holes in the workpiece. 

 Phillips Federal – USA’s EDM Leader 

Phillips Corporation is a leading supplier of state-of-the-art manufacturing equipment in the United States of America. Its Federal division, i.e. Phillips Federal is the leading supplier of EDM and a partner to the United States Federal Government. 

Having completed more than 4,000 projects across 650+ Federal facilities, the company has efficiently spearheaded the supply of high-quality machinery. 

The company is a leader in the EDM space, including wire-cut EDMs. The Phillips Wire EDMs are renowned for their high degree of accuracy, excellent surface finish in the final product, and remarkable efficiency. 

Phillips Federal has collaborated with Sodick with the aim of delivering state-of-the-art EDM machines and milling machines to the US Federal Government. It is worth noting that the Sodick Wire EDM machines are counted amongst the best in the world vis-a-vis linear motor technology, speed, repeatability, and precision. 

The Sodick Wire EDMs find application in various functions, including EDM manufacturing turbine blades and disks, shroud segments, and turbine nozzle vane segments. Owing to their high degree of accuracy, these machines have proven to be game-changers in the aerospace industry, in particular. 

Our collaboration with Sodick Inc. has placed us in a leading position to deliver high-quality and durable equipment to our customers. Since Sodick brings great value to the table, including the design feature for cutting advanced materials like Titanium, they are a prudent choice to expand our already robust EDM portfolio and strengthen our standing as the leading EDM supplier company in the United States. 

 Choose Phillips For Your Next EDM Purchase  

At Phillips Federal, we are committed to delivering legendary value to all our customers and be a constant source of support throughout the manufacturing process. As a celebrated EDM leader, we always endeavor to deliver high-quality products and services. 

If you are looking to purchase an Electric Discharge Machine for your manufacturing facility, then you cannot choose better than USA’s leading EDM organization

Reach out to us now and we shall connect you with experts providing dedicated support and boundless productivity.

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