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Phillips Federal News

Program to Train Federal Employees in Additive Manufacturing

Additive technology or 3D printing, though has been in application for a while now, has brought in a process revolution in the manufacturing sectors across the world. 

Additive manufacturing or 3D printing involves producing or constructing a three-dimensional product using a slew of materials (metal, resin, plastic, thermoplastic, ceramic, fiber, etc.) by printing layers upon layers of the material.

It uses a computer-based digital model, which is first created virtually. Subsequently, the additive manufacturing machine (various types in these as well) uses the virtual design and inputted specs as a guideline to print a 3D prototype or a working model. 

Additive Manufacturing Training Program for the US Federal Employees 

In the United States of America, the Department of Defense has been paving the way for the incorporation and successful implementation of additive manufacturing capabilities in its production processes. With the first-ever Additive Manufacturing Strategy, the DOD is setting up sustainable and quality additive manufacturing technologies and digital manufacturing processes.

One of the key partners of the US Department of Defense in its additive manufacturing journey has been the Phillips Corporation. Through a dedicated Federal division, Phillips has partnered with the United States government to provide additive manufacturing capabilities to the various federal departments, including the Department of Defense, and solve all manufacturing roadblocks for the US Government. 

And one of the ways they have been successful is through the Phillips Federal Division’s Additive Manufacturing Training. Partnering with EOS North America, Phillips Corporation is offering ‘Additive Minds’ – the only Additive Minds Certified Trainers in North America – to offer advanced consulting and training for Federal employees.

Being a new as well as rapidly evolving technology, additive manufacturing requires proper and in-depth training of human resources to ensure successful and efficient implementation of the 3D printing capabilities. Phillips offers a wide range of interactive, practical, and experiential training courses that can be customized to meet the unique needs of the manufacturing unit.

Tim McClanahan, Business Development Manager at the Phillips Federal division says, “We don’t ask you to come to a facility and learn on a ‘similar’ machine. We teach you how to produce your parts on your machine in your facility. We believe that’s how people learn.”

Features of Phillips Federal Division’s Additive Training for US Federal Employees 

The Additive Manufacturing Training by Phillips Federal Division offers the following benefits to US Federal employees:

  1. Customized and uniquely designed training program at the actual manufacturing facility by experts in the niche manufacturing processes.
  2. The hands-on training approach improves resource proficiency as well as process efficiency.
  3. The trainers have worked at critical levels of manufacturing processes, including shop managers, additive consultants, and applications engineers, and thus have an expert command over all additive manufacturing machinery.
  4. The training program can be tailor-made to suit the team’s proficiency – beginner to expert.
  5. With on-site training, the training experts ensure that the program is customized to the facility’s specific product, manufacturing process, and challenges.
  6. The Phillips Federal support extends beyond the training program. They provide knowledge support, materials, additive machines, and maintenance.

There are three types of training provided by Phillips Federal:

  1. Software Training – Educate federal employees about the various software programs used in additive manufacturing
  2. Applications Training – Train federal employees about the various uses and applications of additive manufacturing
  3. Consulting Packages – Discuss with our experts the various ways in which you can optimize and better your processes

Additive manufacturing offers a variety of advantages, including higher process efficiency, affordability, speed, lower wastage, energy efficiency, elimination of costs on warehousing, and so on. It has the capability to create groundbreaking innovations and completely revolutionize the global manufacturing sector. However, it is imperative to have the proper knowledge of the processes and the applications to derive maximum benefit from them.

The Additive Manufacturing Training for US Federal employees by Phillips Federal seeks to achieve just that.

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