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Phillips Federal and the US Army Rock Island JMTC entered into a Public-Private Partnership (P3) to create the Phillips Additive Innovation Center inside the Rock Island Center of Excellence (CoE). The Additive Innovation Center is a dedicated space for Phillips Federal to work with the DoD to educate, inspire, and redefine the capabilities of additive manufacturing. 

Solving Your Toughest AM Challenges

This partnership will build new avenues and opportunities in the DoD to take AM to the next level. These possibilities will encourage designing with AM and empower the US industrial base to increase the initiatives to modernize DoD assets and revolutionize warfighter readiness.

The Center will contribute to additive manufacturing solutions through partnerships, application trainings, and the best in class additive technologies in support of the Army, the Joint Military Community, and surrounding industry partners.

The Phillips Difference

Phillips Corporation, Federal Division, is the leading service provider and distributor of machines and ancillary equipment to the United States Federal Government. Founded in 1961, Phillips Federal has performed thousands of services and has won numerous contracts for a multitude of Federal facilities.

Tune in as Phillips Federal President, John Harrison and RIA Chapter President, Julie Johnson discuss Rock Island Arsenal Initiatives, Additive Manufacturing, and Opportunities and Innovation in the DoD.

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Join the Epicenter of Innovation

Phillips Federal offers a wide variety of additive manufacturing services to solve the biggest logistic challenges in the DoD. Phillips Federal is focused on providing legendary customer value, and we are here for you and your facility during every step in your manufacturing process.

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The Rock Island AM Innovation Center

The Rock Island Arsenal Joint Manufacturing and Technology Center occupies 1.5 million square feet of its Kingsbury Complex home. As the only multi-purpose and vertically integrated metal manufacturer in the Department of Defense, the center possesses the unique technical expertise and equipment to manufacture products high in quality and sustainability. 

Rock Island and Phillips Federal

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Learn more on how Rock Island and Phillips Federal are working together to benefit the U.S. Army, the surrounding cities, and businesses in Rock Island. 

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Phillips Federal is the sole and exclusive distributor of EOS additive manufacturing equipment, consumables, and any associated factory-certified services to the Federal Government.
We cover all service-related contracts or maintenance agreements on all EOS equipment and can provide extensive training on a multitude of subjects and courses.
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SPEE3D utilizes a cold spray process combined with an anthropomorphic robot to deposit layers of material. This process generates net shape parts with high accuracy and performs at a high rate of deposition.
This process is used to produce parts quickly and at the point of need and is currently producing high-density parts with low thermal stress in the DoD.
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Bel Air Finishing is a unique manufacturer and supplier of mass finishing technology. Bel Air specializes in precision metal post-processing, polymer post-processing, waterjet blasting, and more.
Bel Air Finishing Workshops are all-day events filled with valuable information post-processing and solutions to show you how to achieve maximum utilization from your current equipment.
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VRC’s cold spray technology is currently being used in the DoD to support the readiness of their forces. This includes field demonstrations on aircraft structural repairs using a mobile cold spray metallization system.
VRC is a manufacturer of high-pressure cold spray equipment that deposits powdered metal on sensitive or difficult to weld surfaces to repair areas damaged by pitting, corrosion, or other types of degradation and deformation.
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Materialise Magics is a versatile, industry-leading data preparation and STL editor software for Additive Manufacturing that allows you to convert files to STL, repair errors, edit your design and prepare your build platform.
Get the most out of your Magics software. Receive in-depth training from our experts on Magics no matter your experience level or objectives. From Metal AM to update training courses, we've got you covered.
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DELTA H manufactures heat treating equipment for the aerospace industry that meets and exceeds the strict and demanding requirements called for by AMS 2750E and the Nadcap accreditation.
DELTA H offers types of industrial furnaces and heat treatment ovens for materials applications requiring walk-in ovens, bench top furnaces, cabinet style ovens, composite curing ovens, powder coating ovens and associated equipment.
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The arc series machines combine the technically mature and proven wire arc-welding method with the CAD drawings of the product designers and engineers in a completely new production system.
GEFERTEC provides 3DMP® technology and can rapidly build large net shape parts utilizing a classic welding process that produces parts with properties that are recognized and accepted industry-wide.
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Phillips Federal offers courses in a wide range of additive and traditional manufacturing subject areas and are available for on-site training. Our customizable courses allow you to select the course, topics, and subject areas that meet your facility’s specific requirements. Our staff can provide you and your facility with a proposal for the time required for each topic and the length of the overall training, or help you assemble a custom program.

RIA-JMTC also reaches out to the community by offering machinist apprenticeships and other training programs to qualified applicants. The availability of centralized manufacturing and testing allows production to come full circle, thus minimizing the need to outsource.

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The P3 joint effort capitalizes on Rock Island’s existing strengths, its leadership role in the Army’s AM Campaign, its robust and engaged chamber of commerce, as well as the industrial manufacturing base. Coupled with the rich manufacturing history, machine tool experience, and extensive additive manufacturing expertise brought by the Phillips Corporation, the P3 will strengthen the processes and success of utilizing AM and expand the capabilities of the DoD.

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