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SPEE3D utilizes a cold spray process combined with an anthropomorphic robot to deposit layers of material. This process generates net shape parts with high accuracy and performs at a high rate of deposition. 

Many industries including Defense, rely on complex logistics to source spare parts for the sustainment of operations. The adoption of SPEE3D technology allows facilities to access parts on-demand, reducing costly downtime and building their internal capability.


  • Used to build new parts​
  • Deposition rates up to 100g/min​
  • Extremely fast build times (Solid copper battery terminal in just over ten minutes)​
  • Robotic Fully enclosed Cold Spray can be made expeditionary​
  • Operates on compressed air - No Need for inert gases​
  • Print sizes up to 1m x .7m (approx.) or 40kg part weight​
  • Currently qualified for Aluminum and Copper

SPEE3D Machines

SPEE3D and Phillips Federal

In The News

Read how SPEE3D and Phillips Federal work together to provide the best supersonic deposition technology for the DoD. 

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