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TechSHIFT Podcast: Where Manufacturing Policy and Technology Meet

TechSHIFT provides educational mind-broadening discussions on the evolution of advanced manufacturing. Your host, Product Manager for Phillips Federal Dillan Drake, talks with special guests, as well as leading private organizations, who provide real-life examples of how manufacturing technologies like additive hybrid and CNC machining are affecting the federal marketplace. From supply chain to cutting-edge technologies to government policies, find out how these decision-makers are helping the world transition into the next industrial revolution!


Brought to you by Phillips Federal, a solution provider of additive technology.


TechSHIFT Podcast Episode 9: Heavy Hitters: The Importance of Defense Manufacturing & Future Point of Need Applications

In this episode, we sit with Jason Dickman, CTO of ClassIQ mfg has a long and significant history in the Additive Manufacturing industry. Jason shares his experiences in entrepreneurship with additive manufacturing revolving around prototyping and production for defense and many other industries.


TechSHIFT Ep 1: Why it matters: Having a Legislative Advocate for Additive Technologies

Join your host, Dillan Drake, as he speaks with Mark Burnham on the opportunities he is uncovering alongside policymakers to assist in the adoption of Additive Manufacturing (AM) with the help of his team at The Additive Manufacturing Coalition.

TechSHIFT Ep 2: Advances in Technology: How The SecureAmerica Institute is spearheading Hypersonics and more in Texas

In this episode of TechSHIFT, we welcome Rob Gorham, Executive Director of The SecureAmerica Institute for the Texas A&M Engineering Experiment Station (TEES). In this role, Rob is responsible for the development and execution of strategic manufacturing initiatives. During this podcast, Dillan Drake of Phillips Federal discusses Rob’s involvement in promoting education within lower-income families in the state of Texas and how this program is spearheading Hypersonics discussions and technical development around other advanced technologies. 

TechSHIFT Ep 3: Where to Start: Creating a Digital Library for Your AM Applications

In this episode, we sit down with Alex to discuss new upcoming projects he and his team are tackling within the Federal Market and how they are bringing about solutions for the Marine Corps regarding readiness, quality, material, quantity and size of the applications. This streamlines processes and mitigates gaps in pushing new parts in the field as they are needed.

TechSHIFT Podcast Episode 4: Automating Additive Qualification: Scaling with a Purpose in 3D Production

Today we sit down with Jacob Brunsberg, the Chief Executive Officer of Sigma Additive Solutions. After holding senior P&L and strategy positions at GE Additive, Jacob joined Sigma additive solutions, the additive manufacturing division of General Electric. He’s responsible for leading Sigma’s strategy, development, commercialization, and overall business performance in his current role. We discuss the importance of automating additive qualification in production and why this changes everything.

TechSHIFT Podcast Episode 5: Making The Change: Americas Initiative for Diverse Engineering Capabilities

In this episode, we get a real life look into EWI’s AM Business Director, Howie Marotto and his passion for people with unique skill sets, as well as the importance of capitalizing on the amazing talents that foreign nationals bring to our technical innovation. We discuss what living in America means to us and what we as a country need to do to tap into these wells of knowledge to mitigate risks around supply-chain, hypersonic threats and reduce the dilution of the American dream by expanding into the world of inclusion.

TechSHIFT Podcast Episode 6: Think with The End in Mind: Surface Finishing's Dirty Little Secret

In this episode, we follow the BelAir team through what is understood to be a simple and overlooked topic, “Surface Finishing”. During our discussion we breakdown the different post-processing methods leading to dramatic increases in part performance and reliability. Listen close as our team pulls back the veil of surface finishing’s best-kept secrets!

TechSHIFT Ep 7: Reach For The Stars: AM's Untapped Potential in Public & Private Industries

In this episode, we sit with Adam Penna of ASME to discuss public and private sector advancements in additive technologies. We’ll dive into various topics such as education, workforce development, and even space travel. Focused on the adoption of AM in all industries, and the growth of the people who work in them!

TechSHIFT Podcast Episode 8: It's About the People: The Use of Advanced Technology to Scale Workforce Development

We had the opportunity to speak with Courtney Arbour, Director of the Texas Workforce Commission’s Workforce Development Division where she oversees an integrated workforce development system that provides employment and training activities for the state of Texas. Courtney gives us a glimpse into her everyday life promoting new long-lasting careers for Texans and the utilization of advanced technologies leading to the development of new technical skills across the state.


Interested in being on TechSHIFT? Email us at webadmin@phillipscorp.com to inquire more about podcast opportunities.

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