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Why You Should Use OEM Parts In Your Machine

Why You Should Use OEM Parts In Your Machine

As is the case with human beings, machinery comes with a designated shelf life. Some machines tend to have longer shelf lives than their counterparts, but that does not mean that they are not prone to damage and deterioration. 

With the passage of time, certain machine parts need to be repaired or replaced, and in such a scenario, it is always advisable to opt for spare parts manufactured by the Original Equipment Manufacturer (OEM), commonly referred to as OEM parts. 

What Are OEM Parts?

An OEM stands for “Original Equipment Manufacturer”. A OEM part, as the name suggests, is a machine part manufactured by the same organization that has manufactured the underlying machine. Since each machine is built around a specific and well-crafted design and technical expertise, OEM parts are as close to the original parts installed in any machine at the time of its purchase and/ or installation. 

For machines, OEM parts come in all shapes and sizes, ranging from something as small as nuts and bolts to something as pivotal as the engine of the machine. If you are wondering what does OEM mean for car parts, then it can entail everything from tires to wheels, and engines to sheet cushions.  As for all machines, it is prudent to opt for OEM vehicle parts as well. 

 Why OEM Parts Are The Right Choice

There are advantages galore of purchasing spare parts for your machine from the OEM parts manufacturer. Here is why you must not think twice about ordering OEM parts for your machinery:

  • No Supply Holdups: One of the major bottlenecks in purchasing spare parts for your equipment is the holdup on the supply side. You can, however, easily steer clear of this lacuna by ordering OEM spare parts. Since OEM parts manufacturers usually have a sufficient stock of most machine parts, whether, for new assembly or repair, you can be assured of prompt delivery, thereby reducing the downtime on your machine. 
  • No Dearth of Expertise: Another benefit of opting for OEM parts is that you can get access to the services of a team of engineers closely acquainted with the design and operational framework of the underlying machine. Such expertise is worth its weight in gold and can lead to a seamless transition from the old parts to the new. 
  • No Compromise On Quality: The most important advantage of purchasing OEM parts is, inarguably, the fact that you can be at peace about the quality of the part and its subsequent performance. As opposed to parts purchased from other manufacturers, OEM parts are always likely to be more compatible with your machinery. 
  • No Risk of Default: You get a manufacturer’s warranty on purchasing equipment parts from OEM parts manufacturers. This way, there is absolutely no risk of monetary loss in the unlikely event that the part malfunctions. In a world surrounded by uncertainty, having a guarantee on the performance of OEM parts is a significant value-addition. 

Choose Phillips to Buy OEM Parts For Your Machinery  

At Phillips Federal, we are committed to delivering the highest quality OEM parts. As one of the leading OEM Parts Manufacturers for the US Federal Government, a majority of our OEM parts are manufactured locally.

Once you have placed a successful order for an OEM part with us, we shall ensure the shipment of the part the same day or the following day. Our service and parts teams are available to address your queries via phone as well as email. 

Place your OEM Parts order with us now and enjoy a reliable purchase experience. 

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