PHILLIPS Machine Tools is a global supplier of manufacturing technology products and services primarily focused on CNC machine tools. An incredible 10-year journey has seen Phillips Machine Tools carve an enviable niche for itself in the Indian market. Today as one of the most renowned machine tools brands in the country, Phillips has created a reputation for new age distribution, manufacturing expertise, and outstanding after-sales service.

Challenges Did Not Stop Them

India is a land of opportunity and Phillips has had had an eventful journey through countless ups and downs in the past 10 years. Phillips has seen it all in these 10 years and not at any point did they let the guards down. From the global recession in 2008-09 followed by a spurt in growth in 2010-11 to the slow growth in 2012-16 and then a high in 2017-18, Phillips has worked steadily through every problem and built their competencies and systems creating a team of partners focused on the business goals.

As Mr. Terrance Miranda, MD of Phillips India, rightly said, “We have learnt to take the highs with the lows and roll with them. We believe we have strong fundamentals in place: excellent principal manufacturers led by HAAS that backs us 100% and a strong management team in the US and India who is clearly focused on growing our company and our partners. Continuous improvement and building a culture where our partners have the freedom to express their opinions, ideas, and implement these without fear of failure is paramount for us.”

India is known for its ease-of-doing business attribute. But still, getting things done and that too the right way was challenging.

Back-end operations, system setups and other processes did take its own share of time and offered its own kind of challenges. On tackling such issues, Mrs. Shubhra Miranda, Director of Phillips India shared, “As a global machine tool distributor operating in India, we had invested considerable time and planning into setting up processes and controls. These efforts ensured that the work was done within defined parameters, but also provided us with the flexibility that is a practical requirement of businesses anywhere.”

Phillips doesn’t really have a success mantra but a simple focus on the basics and the abilities of the partners and employees has provided the result of unbelievable growth and continuous generation of high-performers. Talking about success, Mr. Terrance Miranda added, “With over 6000 HAAS machines installed and over 1500 PHILLIPS EPD Engineered Product Division Machines sold to virtually every industry in India in the manufacturing space, we are truly on our way to becoming a machine tool powerhouse in India.”

Future Plans @ Phillips

Phillips plans to focus on Small and Medium VMC segment where HAAS is a global market leader. They are also looking at segments where there are products particularly the 5-axis turn-mill with Y-axis, and horizontals.

The trained and committed sales, applications and service team plan to utilize the latest technology and systems to provide cutting-edge support to the customers. They also believe that the bouquet of service offerings will redefine the expectations of the customers and create delight that will make Phillips’ products led by HAAS the first choice.

Rupesh Ranjan, Sales Director at Phillips India says, “We have a clear goal for HAAS unit sales in our territory in India: 1000 HAAS machines ordered and shipped annually, with this number growing each year as we gain market share. We estimate that our market share in the Small and Medium Size VMC market is around 20% and we are working to improve this.”

Phillips Machine Tools was proud to announce the 1st comprehensive extended warranty for 3 +1 years for HAAS CNC Machine Tools at a now characteristic Indian value-added price. 2018 witnessed the launch of the ‘Job Connect’ feature on The Phillips Machinist App.

PHILLIPS’ biggest reward has been its customer’s acknowledgement of the services. Their innovative products and services have been introduced based on a thorough study of their customers’ requirements and a clear view to the future of global manufacturing.

The Decade: A Trip Down The Memory Lane

  • Established in 2008, PHILLIPS Machine Tools India has taken forward the work begun by OMIRA Marketing (Estd 1993) in the same field
  • 2008 saw an upgrade with 3 technical centres in Pune, Manesar and Ahmedabad, together with the main Pune Technical Centre this took the total count to 4
  • 2012 featured the inauguration of a technical centre in Kolhapur, Maharashtra
  • 2014 embarked another technical centre in Ludhiana, Punjab
  • 2014 witnessed a new milestone–PHILLIPS moved to its new, modern & well-equipped 18000 sq. ft head-quarters at Navi Mumbai with a much bigger demo and spare parts storage facilities
  • 2015 made Phillips take over the distribution rights of some of the world renowned brands such as Hermle, Kent, SHW, etc. earlier sold and serviced by OMIRA
  • 2017 launched a brand new interactive PHILLIPS Machine Tools India website as a part of the PHILLIPS CORP website www.phillipscorp.com
  • 2018 promoted the Advanced Manufacturing and Excellence at Didac India.

“We have worked steadily through all of this building our competencies and systems and creating a team of partners focused on our business goals. With over 6000 HAAS machines installed and over 1500 PHILLIPS EPD Engineered Product Division Machines sold to virtually every industry in India in the manufacturing space we are truly on our way to becoming a machine tool powerhouse in India.”


Managing Director
Phillips Machine Tools India

“Our journey has not been without roadblocks and difficulties, but all of these have contributed to the character and culture of our company in India: the way it stands today. We go in with a clear mindset: throw the challenges at us and we will find solutions. We believe in ourselves, our culture and our country. We can definitely say with confidence that we are set up on strong and right fundamentals and hence we are the force to reckon with.”


Phillips Machine Tools India

“In 2008 when PHILLILPS started, we had a little over 80 partners and today we now have over 220 partners, customer base: over 4000 customers, machine installations: over 7500. Also our focus on developing our systems and culture is what sets us apart and has contributed to the growth that we have seen.”


Sales Director
Phillips Machine Tools India

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