PHILLIPS Machine Tools India brings to you the best Additive Manufacturing solutions from global quality leader like EOS Manufacturing Solutions. Using our nuanced and wide spread distribution network, Phillips provide you with products incorporating latest innovation and high quality, at any time and any place across India


PHILLIPS Machine Tools India has been a distribution partner of the EOS Manufacturing Solutions since 2016. PHILLIPS delivers to you EOS’s high-end technology products based on industrial 3D printing technologies.

EOS Manufacturing Solutions was established in 1989 in Germany, and has been a global leader in the field of Direct Metal Laser Sintering (DMLS) and provider of a leading polymer technology ever since.

PHILLIPS provides you with latest Additive Manufacturing products ranging from prototypes to serial production for use in varied and diverse applications. Without requiring tools, EOS systems make direct use of digital CAD data to produce polymer parts of the highest quality.

Consistent and repeatable part quality is essential for series production applications.
Process, system and material – the three technological elements of Additive Manufacturing have a direct influence on the quality of an additively manufactured component.

Thanks to the joint development and mutual adjustment of systems, materials and processes, EOS ultimately establishes the conditions for best possible part properties.

With quality control measures in all three areas this unique concept is a holistic approach to quality assurance in series production

Direct Metal Laser Sintering (DMLS): M 100
EOS M Ideal entry level model for industrial 3D printing of complex metal parts by means of Additive Manufacturing.

Direct Metal Laser Sintering (DMLS): M 290
Highly productive system for the Additive Manufacturing of high-performance metal components.

Direct Metal Laser Sintering (DMLS): M 400
Additive Manufacturing System for the Industrial Production of High-Quality Large Metal Parts.

Polymer Series Products, Spare Parts and Prototypes: P 110
Compact-Class Additive Manufacturing System that offers a Cost-Efficient and Highly Productive Entry into the World of Additive Manufacturing.

Polymer Series Products, Spare Parts and Prototypes: P 396
System for Additive Manufacturing of Serial Parts and Functional Prototypes from Polymer Materials.

Polymer Series Products, Spare Parts and Prototypes: P 770
Highly Productive, Modular System with the Greatest Construction Volume for the Additive Manufacturing of Polymer Parts.

Polymer Series Products, Spare Parts and Prototypes: P 800
Additive Manufacturing System for Processing High Performance Polymers at Temperatures of up to 385°C.

The Ultra-Fast Quad-Laser System with a Large Building Volume: M 400-4
Additive manufacturing system for the industrial production of high-quality metal parts.


Tooling - Salcomp

Additive Manufacturing Permits Optimized Cooling for Maximum Production
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Aerospace - MTU

Manufacturing of Engine Components for the Airbus A320neo with EOS Technology
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Medical - Implants

CSIR-CSIO - Customised implants for facial trauma patient
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Conflux - Leverage the full potential of a heat exchanger with additive manufacturing
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