Phillips Machine Tools India makes a revolution in the Manufacturing arena with their latest innovation for their customers with “The Phillips Machinist” mobile app which is available for Android and iOS platform.

The app is the latest in Phillips’s efforts to transform the learning process for the CNC machines. The app empowers engineers and manufacturers with the necessary information and resources to create experiences that are engaging and interactive. The Phillips customers can now access the required technical information in the app.
It is preloaded with various G-codes and M-codes on mills and lathes, which are a part of the application, contain multimedia lessons on how to run codes on their CNC machines. The instructions provide detailed support to implement the codes for specific requirements. This includes suggestions on how to conduct every part of the process.
It also educates the user on the best of practices for handling their product for a longer life and additional information that can enhance their knowledge of CNC machines. The application also provides CNC-based calculations, tricks, and tips that enable an easy access to the engineers working with CNC products.

The special feature of the application is ‘Ask Vijay’. They provide the app user with expert applications advice as well as the help the user get the best offer on loan for buying the Phillips products via ‘Ask Preeti’.

Speaking about the App, Shubhra Miranda, Business Manager, Phillips Machine Tools India, said, “At Phillips, we believe that technological innovations can really bring about a positive change in the manufacturing industry. With The Phillips Machinist, we are trying to create a platform integrated with innovative solutions that would address the problem of manufacturer’s enablement. We hope that the app with its highly elaborate content will provide manufacturers with world-class solutions.”

The user can directly go to the app and ask a query and can expect to get a reply within two hours from the expert team on CNC machines.

It also provides a service to lodge a complaint regarding any problem at hand regarding the functionality of the Phillips products. The users do not have to call or email. They can now lodge it on the app right away. The automated lodging process helps a quick action from the company – an expert pay a visit to the site within 48 working hours, if required. Not only that, the process can be tracked with the specific complaint id & the user gets real-time notification.

The app was launched in May 2017. Since then, the app has received a great response from the Phillips customers with over 20000 downloads. The highly accessible and educational application has put the engineers and manufactures at ease, provides them with best of tips and solution for smooth run of the machines at work.

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