Cam – Select the Right Software

Are you facing these challenges?
Part size or complexity is beyond the capabilities of your existing CAM software.

  • Existing machining strategies are inefficient, containing excessive amounts of air-cutting.
  • You need to produce parts that require no manual polishing.
  • Your customers demand greater levels of precision and surface finish, and you’re struggling to deliver.
  • You invested in a new 5-axis CNC machine and need software capable of capitalizing on its true capabilities.
  • You regularly machine large, unorganized STL meshes.
  • You know how you want to cut your parts and need CAM software that provides the level of control and flexibility to match.

It’s time to shift to an expert high-speed and multi-axis solution.

10 reasons to choose Autodesk PowerMill:
Rapidly create high quality toolpaths on large, complex parts.

  1. Works with surfaces, solids and large STL meshes.
  2. Gouge and collision free toolpaths.
  3. Highly efficient roughing strategies.
  4. Comprehensive range of finishing toolpaths.
  5. User-defined macros & templates for automated CAM.
  6. Extensive library of tool types for use with 3- & 5-axis milling.
  7. Flexible toolpath editing and optimization.
  8. Powerful 5-axis programming with automatic collision avoidance.
  9. Specialist tools for demanding industries and applications.
  10. Autodesk PowerMill excels in the machining of large or complex parts, where quality, accuracy and efficiency are of critical importance. Import surfaces, solids or triangles from all mainstream CAD systems and create high-quality NC code – fast. PowerMill combines ultra-efficient algorithms with exceptional levels of control to create, manipulate and optimize toolpaths to manufacture the most complex of parts.

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