CNC Laser Cutting Applications in Electronics Industries

CNC Laser Cutting Applications in Electronics Industries

Over the last two decades, electronic devices have shrunk in size from desktops to handheld devices. While this means more convenience to users, it also requires higher precision levels in manufacturing. While CNC Cutting Machines offer a computer-controlled environment for better precision, the efficiency offered by a  CNC Laser Cutting Machine is regarded to be one of the highest.

What is a CNC Laser Cutting Machine?

A CNC Laser Cutting Machine uses a high-power laser beam to cut through materials of varying thicknesses with high precision and efficiency.

How Laser Cutting Machines Work?

Laser cutting is a thermal process that cuts through a material without making physical contact. It has a laser head with a lens and a nozzle. The nozzle focuses a high-energy laser beam on the workpiece and cuts it to get the desired output. CNC Laser Cutters also have compressed gas to cool the lens and expel the vaporized material.

Application of Laser in the Industry – Electronics

A CNC Laser Cutting Machine offers an affordable and efficient solution to the electronics manufacturing segment as it can cut intricate parts with demanding tolerances. These machines have a small heat-effect zone since they use a non-contact process for cutting. Therefore, they have a reduced risk of heat-related damage to the electronic part.
CNC Laser Cutting Machines also offer high-precision cuts. This is highly important since every year, electronic devices are getting smaller and hence, the demand for smaller components is on the rise. With Laser Cutting, electronic components can be efficiently manufactured regardless of the size or dimensions.

There are numerous laser cutting applications in the Electronics Industry. This is because a CNC Laser Cutting Machine offers the following benefits to electronics manufacturers:

  1. Cleaner cuts, that are highly accurate and have smooth edges. This is possible because, unlike traditional machines, laser machines do not get dull over time. Laser beams are always precise and sharp.
  2. Minimal wastage of raw material since there is no filing or grinding needed to get the desired finish
  3. Laser machines tend to cut faster than traditional machines

At Phillips Machine Tools, we offer a range of CNC Laser Cutting Machines including TFC CNC Laser Cutting, BFC CNC Laser Cutting, and EFC CNC Laser Cutting. Each of these machines has specifications designed to cater to the needs of different applications.

With a range of other CNC machines like a CNC Turret Punching Machine, CNC Press Brake, and CNC Guillotine Shearing Machine, we offer a comprehensive range of solutions for the manufacturing needs of the electronics industry.

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