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India’s distribution sector for engineering goods plays a crucial role in the nation’s manufacturing and industrial ecosystem. It entails distributing a broad range of engineering products to aerospace, defense, medicine, automotive, and electronics. Many reasons, such as India’s escalating industrialization and modernization efforts, the rise in demand for engineering products across numerous industries, and government programs like ‘Made in India’ and ‘Atmanirbhar Bharat’, are propelling the market’s expansion. Indian contract manufacturing is the current focus of businesses across the globe. One of the most well-known machine tool brands in the nation is Phillips Machine Tools India, which has a reputation for cutting-edge distribution, manufacturing prowess, and exceptional after-sales support. A family-owned business providing worldwide manufacturing services, it collaborates with clients to build legendary value by giving them access to unmatched knowledge, cutting-edge ideas, and solutions. With its extensive global distribution network, Phillips Machine Tools can meet the needs of its clients, who want access to top-tier technology together with the ideal balance of technical know-how, service, and spare parts support. With more than 30,000 machines deployed worldwide, Phillips takes great pride in its more than 30 years of existence as a Haas Factory Outlet. Today, Haas is one of the largest manufacturers of machine tools globally. It produces a full line of CNC vertical, horizontal, turning, 5-axis, and rotary products, as well as a variety of fully integrated automation solutions, such as automatic parts loaders, pallet-pool systems, and 6-axis robot systems. More than 215,000 Haas CNC machines have been installed globally. The greatest sales, service, and support are offered by Haas Factory Outlets in the machine tool sector. Phillips is a leader in additive manufacturing and machining, and its expanding capabilities across the globe have led to an increase in its productivity and prosperity. The Phillips Community is a unique fusion of virtuoso teams and individuals that are highly accomplished, enthusiastic, and loving. Some of the most significant characteristics that distinguish Phillips are its wide range of products, which includes subtractive, additive, and metal forming technologies that meet the diverse needs of various industries. Secondly, it has the most sophisticated & technical support team available to help customers increase their productivity and profitability continuously. Finally, Phillips sets the standard for customer service assistance with one of the best net promoter scores in the sector. The largest Haas Factory Outlet worldwide is Phillips. With its 100+ field service experts, Phillips is fully prepared to handle any outage 24 hours a day. Pre- Sales, Sales, and Service are the three main technical teams. Phillips has been operating in India for 15 years, and from there it oversees activities in many other nations, including those in the Middle East and Africa, Bangladesh, Sri Lanka, and Southeast Asia. 12,000+ machines have been deployed in India alone, and it has more than 3,500 satisfied clients. Phillips Machine Tools is one of the largest suppliers of state-of-the-art manufacturing equipment in the nation. The most affordable additive hybrid machines are now available on the market due to Phillips’ integration of Meltio’s ground-breaking laser metal deposition technology with the renowned Haas CNC vertical machining centers. “Our goal is to uncover solutions that will advance capabilities, profitability, and productivity for the manufacturing community,” concludes Terrence Miranda. Terrence Miranda - Managing Director at Phillips Machine Tools

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