Delivering Value to Maximize Profits

Anne Peng
Sales Manager, L K Machinery

“On the product launch occasion of L. K. Machinery Drill Tap Machines by Phillips Machine Tools India in the Indian market in late 2017, Ms. Anne Peng, spoke about the Indian market as well as about her recent visit for Engimach 2017 Exhibition.”

What made you enter the Indian market?

India is among the top growing economies in the world. The growth in its manufacturing and industrial sector is set to propel huge demand for CNC machine tools. Secondly, while China is certainly one of the world’s largest manufacturing economy at present, we can see that India also is developing in similar scale with large production factories coming up in various sectors.

Please share your experience about your recent visit to India and Engimach.

I was highly impressed and I felt lucky to have had the opportunity to visit India. The most interesting was the presence of many large scale machine tool manufacturers not only from India but also from countries such as Europe, Japan, Taiwan etc. I could feel the value these companies see in the Indian market.

How are you looking at LK’s contribution to the Indian Machine Tool industry?

We provide A TOTAL SOLUTION: e combine our machines with fixtures, automation systems, to satisfy customer requirements in the most efficient and cost effective way to reduce cycle time, in order to maximize clients’ profitability and solve their problems in production. In this way, buyers obviously can see what LK’s total value is presented, and not just focus on machine price.

How do you look at Phillips as a partner to grow with in India?

Phillips has been continuing to devote time and efforts in India for years. Phillips shares the same principle as of LK Machinery, which is also to assist customers. Phillips culture also tells significantly from great team work, immediate service response and an aggressive customer friendly attitude.

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