Engaging & Easy to Navigate Phillips India launches www.phillipscorp.com

The change is the only constant thing. The new website of Phillips India is the result of the same belief. With the new website, Phillips India has shifted to the new modes of interactions, giving up on the old traditional ways of interactions, operations, and management; adopted the modern technology-based operation to pace up with the customer demands and requirements.

The main aim of the website is to provide an easier way to learn about Phillips Machine Tools India’s services and solutions and allow the visitor to browse as per the convenience of the desired information.

It promotes transparency with the customers. The new website features an engaging look, coupled with an easy-to-navigate access to the Web Pages – About Us, Haas Factory Outlet, Products, Services, News & Events, Clients, Partner Login, Technical Centre and Global web pages for Phillips Corporation. The visitors can now browse entire collection of reports and case studies, stay up-to-date with the new blog and engage with a new interactive system.

Phillips Machine Tools India has been providing reliable products and services to leading world businesses for several years. The launch of the new website is another step in the Phillips’s pursuit of excellence in providing the best to its clients worldwide.

On 1st Dec 2017 the new Phillips India website goes Live, taking user experience to the whole new level.

“ This is an effort to continuously meet the demands of globally diverse, sector-leading clients.
The visitors can now browse our entire collection of reports and case studies, stay up-to-date with our new blog and engage with a new interactive system.” says Matthew.

Matthew Nardangeli
Director Marketing
Phillips Corporation

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