Haas Automation Geared to Showcase Latest Machinery at IMTEX 2023

Popular American machine tool builder to bring its world-class machinery to IMTEX 2023

Haas Automation showcasing cnc machines at Imtex 2023

Bengaluru, India: Haas Automation is the largest machine tool builder in the West and one of the world’s leading CNC machine builders. Haas is no stranger to IMTEX Expo, and is preparing for the upcoming 2023 edition in full swing, ready to showcase their innovative products from January 19th to 25th at the Bengaluru International Exhibition Centre (BIEC).

Haas Imtex Expo 2023

The machine tool builder’s display will be in Hall 4, Booth B105. The stall will exhibit real-life applications, such as the Haas Automatic Parts Loader working hand-in-hand with their own turning centre to show how one can boost productivity by automating part production, as well as their industry-leading 4 and 5 axes vertical machining centres (VMCs), and more. In addition to watching live demos, getting the chance to get expert advice from Haas representatives, and witnessing the ease of automated part handling, 3 lucky stall visitors will win tickets to the Formula One race in 2023.

Mr. Terrence Miranda, Managing Director of HFO Phillips Machine Tools (world’s largest Haas Factory Outlet), encourages anyone interested in 5-axis solutions or even seeking information on general automation – whether they are in the early stages or more advanced – to visit the Haas stall as they will get the chance to converse with the company’s machine tool experts. Phillips has been a proud Haas Factory Outlet for over 30 years, having installed more than 30,000 Haas machines around the globe so far. Mr. Miranda explains, “India’s ever-growing potential is no secret. The growth of industries such as defence, aerospace, medical, and general engineering directly correlates with the demand for affordable, reliable CNC machine tools, and this is where Haas steps in with its world-class, highly productive CNC machines to assist Indian manufacturers in making globally competitive products. Plus, as Haas’ leading Factory Outlet, you can be sure the Phillips team will be right there to provide the best service and support the industry has to offer.”

From launching their very first VMC in 1988 to building over 250,000 machine tools till date, Haas Automation has come a long way, with an expansive product portfolio including but not limited to CNC vertical machining centers
, horizontal machining centers, turning centers, 5-axis machining centers
, rotary products, and integrated automation solutions. While all their products are made at their high-tech factory in California, they pride themselves on their worldwide service and local support across over 60 countries. They are legendary in the industry for their quality, precision, and durability, and continuously improving their technology to not only help manufacturers get ahead of the curve, but also stay ahead using their cutting-edge technology.

As one of South Asia’s leading industry exhibitions, IMTEX 2023 is managed by the Indian Machine Tool Manufacturers’ Association, or IMTMA. The week-long event boasts of attracting experts of manufacturing and ancillary industries, including but not limited to key decision makers, policy makers, and experts excited to experience the latest technologies the sector has to offer.

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