HAAS – Enabling Leonine Deliver Highly Precise, Highly Accurate, High Volume Components

The HAAS VF-2-I series fulfils all the needs of Thane based Leonine Engineers. Phillips HAAS Machine stands to be the best in design, repeatability, consistency and affordability making it a valuable investment in Leonine’s outstanding growth.

“One day, one of our new operators encountered an error in our machine during the night shift. The operator called our local HAAS Service Engineer on his phone at midnight. He helped us resolve the error immediately on the phone. I was not aware that this had happened and came to know only the next morning. This kind of support while exceptional is the norm at HFO Phillips. HAAS is a very reliable and trustworthy brand” said, Mr. Mayank Momaya, Director, Leonine Engineers Private Limited.

Getting introduced to CNC Technology

Mr. Mayank Momaya was passionate about engineering and technology since his childhood. In 1976, after graduating with a Mechanical Engineering degree from VJTI, he started working for L&T and later moved to Gabriel India. In 1984, he quit his job and started his own manufacturing facility that made parts for Gabriel.

“We soon realized that CNC is the future of machining and if we wanted to grow, it was important to move from working on conventional machines to having CNC machines in the plant” said, Mr. Momaya, Director, Leonine Engineers Private Limited.

Investing in the Future

Currently, the company has 6 VMC Machines: ALL HAAS Equipped with 4th Axis, Probing, TSC and 13 CNC Lathes.

Initiating the Journey with HAAS

In 2008, Leonine got an order for a job to produce a component that required accuracies < 10 microns for which a VMC was an essential requirement. The necessary features required were precision 4th axis, high pressure through spindle coolant and a powerful spindle and control system. HAAS was an obvious choice for Leonine as HAAS manufactures all critical components and options in house and has its own advanced control system.

“In 2007-2008, we bought our first VMC machine, which was a VF-2 from HAAS, and I personally checked HAAS machine’s repeatability. If a CNC machine achieves consistent repeatability and sets a benchmark in this key aspect, it means that the machine design is optimum and that is what I got in my HAAS” said, Mr. Momaya.

Continuing the Journey with HAAS

Before selecting HAAS, Mr. Momaya’s main concerns were accuracy and affordability. Leonine got outstanding results by using their 1st HAAS VF-2 and decided to increase their capacity by ordering more machines from HAAS. Now the company has three VF-2s’, one VF-1, one VF-2SS, and one MINIMILL-2, all from HAAS.

Leonine appreciates not just the design of machines built by HAAS but also its state of the art control with its dedicated one touch button features, ergonomic key pad with single function keys, large 15” split screen display, USB, Ethernet and 1 GB memory all included standard. According to Mr. Momaya “When a manufacturer has its own control, it has tremendous advantages not just during a breakdown but also in optimizing machine performance.”

The experience till now with HAAS

“My experience with HAAS has been amazing. HFO Phillips India not only has an excellent technical team, but it also provides an outstanding customer experience” said,
Mr. Momaya.

Leonine is very happy with the line-up of machines provided by HAAS. The best examples are the VF-2-I and VF-4-I machines, which have been priced keeping the Indian market in mind.

Future with HAAS

According to Leonine, the support provided by HAAS is outstanding. “I will definitely consider buying HAAS machines in the future. HAAS machines have not only helped me increase my productivity, but also have helped me to enhance the quality of my finished products,” Mr. Momaya concluded.

About Leonine Engineers Private Limited

Leonine Engineers Private Limited based in Thane, India, is an ISO 9001:2008 certified precision machined component manufacturing unit. They have been meeting the needs of high profile industrial OEMs since 1984, providing uncompromising quality in close tolerance parts, competitive pricing, and on time delivery. Their trained and dedicated personnel make Leonine a responsible corporate entity in the global market. They provide their customers with high value, cost-effective, and reliable solutions giving them a definite edge over the competition. Their commitment towards professionalism and years of experience in the local industry enables them to meet the requirements of clients with large and complex projects, while still ensuring each client receives the personal services they expect.
For details visit www.leonine.co.in

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