for Your New Haas Machine!

Please review all of the below information to ensure a successful start-up of your new machine.

We are dedicated exclusively to Haas machine tools. We have a single focus and mission, and anything we can do to make sure you are completely satisfied with your new machine purchase is well worth our time and effort. Thank you for choosing Haas to fulfill your manufacturing requirements and provide you with customer-focused service and support.

-Terrence Miranda, Managing Director

Below is a little bit about

Who We Are

Our Pune Office – India

Life at Phillips

HFO India – A Division of Phillips

We proudly serve in 12 countries – including India, Bangladesh, Sri Lanka, Saudi Arabia, United Arab Emirates, Oman, Qatar, Bahrain, Kuwait, Egypt, Jordan, and Lebanon.

Phillips 360 Teams

Our Phillips knowledgeable sales, service, and applications personnel work in small geographically specific Phillips 360 teams to offer our customers a team approach for personalized customer service. Each 360 team has its own Captain, Field Service Leader, and Applications Engineer to provide you with an unrivaled customer experience, beyond the sale of your machine tool.

Phillips Partners to Know

Managing Director

Terrence Miranda
022-61392800 Ext-01

Service Managers

Chetan Jani
Senior Manager – Technical Support Specialist
Ahmedabad, India
Vijay Patel
Senior Manager – Service
Vadodara, India

Abhinandan Balekundri
Assistant General Manager – Service
Gujarat, India

Shailendra Rathore
Deputy General Manager – Service
North & East India, India
Narbir Singh
Manager – Service
Punjab, India
Thejas S
Manager – Service
Nashik, India
Krishan Kumar
Manager – Service
Pune & Aurangabad, India
Milind Bane
Senior Manager – Service Mumbai & Madhya Pradesh, India
Ranindu Danthanarayana
Engineer – Sales And Service
Sri Lanka
Jahidul Islam
Engineer – Sales and Service
Dheeraj Kumar
Inside Sales
Manager – Operations, India

Sales & Service Heads

Rupesh Ranjan
Director – Sales
Muralidhara Mynahalli General Manager – Service
Ramkripal Yadav
Vice President – Sales
Maharashtra, Goa, MP
Nitesh Gupta
Vice President – Sales
Maharashtra, Goa, MP
Haresh Shah
Director Operations – Sales
Gujarat Region
Salil Jain
Vice President – Sales
North & East Region
Gautam Goswami
Deputy General Manager – Sales
Gujarat Region
Ashish Chikhale
General Manager- Sales
Federal Region (India, Bangladesh, Srilanka)

Before you receive your Haas Machine...

Please review the machine dimensions and site requirements and prepare your shop for the machine delivery. Unless prior arrangements were made with your order, you are responsible for rigging the machine off of the truck and putting it into position in your facility. Please see the below link for the specific pre-installation guide for your machine.

When your new Haas machine arrives...

All air and power connections, as well as coolant and tooling, must be furnished before requesting a technician to start up your machine. Once all of this is completed, please contact your respective service scheduler.

Once the machine is installed and running....

Haas has several tools available that will help you get started and answer many questions.

You are running your machine,
and you get a 144 alarm...

This alarm notifies the operator 5 days prior to the machine deactivating the control and will require a temporary code to rest or a permanent code to deactivate.

This function of the control allows you to run your machine for 30 days while the paperwork is completed and payment can be verified. Its purpose is to ensure that all parties are paid in full before the complete release of the machine is given.

Once payment has been verified, we will contact you by email and fax with instructions on how to enter your machine’s permanent code. Please keep in mind verification may take several weeks and it may be necessary to issue you a temporary code until Haas releases the permanent code to us. If a temporary code is needed, it will require someone at the control in order for us to generate this code. Please do not ignore the warning as we do not want you to experience any unnecessary down time. Once the permanent code is entered the warnings will stop.

India – Tarannum Gadkari,
+919370915804 /

Middle East – Vikas Kushalapur,
+971504352412 /

Bangladesh – Jahidul Islam,
+8801912072918 /

Sri Lanka – Ranindu Danthanarayana,
+94777352710 /

Additional Services Provided by Phillips for

Haas Machines

Applications & Training

It takes more than a great machine to get great results. OPTO provides state-of-the-art machining expertise, process engineering support, and on-site training so you can stay ahead of the curve. It’s a fresh pair of eyes. A source for new ideas. An insurance policy against rapidly changing technology and processes. It is a highly skilled personal application engineer, teaming with your team to significantly improve your machining process.

Preventative Maintenance

PPE – Phillips Performance Evaluation

Protect your Haas investment and maximize your productivity by utilizing the locally available Haas Factory-Certified Service Engineers to keep your machine in the best possible condition. The following items indicate the many key points addressed at every maintenance inspection.

If you have any questions about anything in this packet, please call your local Haas Factory Outlet