HAAS Offers Best Value For Money Coupled With Unbeatable Customer Service

“In our growth story, HAAS has been a major contributor. The best part of buying HAAS machines is that they are value for money, and the support system of the company is excellent. This motivates us to buy more machines from them. We will recommend HAAS machines to others who have similar applications.”

Anil Kumar Mahajan
NIPA International Pvt. Ltd.


There is not a lot of competition in the market for Nipa International. Their strength lies in the fact that they don’t outsource any job. They have the complete setup in-house and that gives them the advantage to compete with the existing competitors.

Today, they have about 75 injection molding machines and are soon going to add another 20 machines. They have a modern state-of-the-art Tool Room as well as production plants. Nipa International has got approximately 1,400 employees across India.

In the tool room, they have nine CNC Milling Machine, of which five are HAAS machines. The company also has five wire-cut EDMs and eight EDMs with a host of conventional machines such as grinders, surface grinders, and milling, etc.

Getting introduced to CNC technology

“We bought our first CNC machine in 1996 and that changed our entire perspective. We bought our first HAAS CNC machine in 2002, which was a VF-3. We now have nine CNC machines, out of which five are from HAAS. We have one VF-3, two VF-2s, and two Super Mini Mill machines from HAAS,” said Mr. Mahajan.

Selecting HAAS

“I selected HAAS because I was happy with the way they convinced us to buy the machine. Though we did not know HAAS at that time, we got some excellent references from the market and decided to opt for it. After we bought the machine, we were delighted by its performance and were pleased that we had made the right choice. Our HAAS machines are sturdy and reliable. Even now, when we compare the price and features of a HAAS machine with other brands, HAAS offers the best value for money,” said Mr. Mahajan.

“Regarding productivity, HAAS is giving us desired cycle times. We have planned to test the newly bought inline VF-3 and VF-2 in our new plant for performance. In our tool room, we look for accuracy and finish, which we are getting on our HAAS machines. We find the Super Mini Mill from HAAS very good for our application because we make small multi-cavity moulds. The average accuracy involved in our process is 20 to 40 microns,” said Mr. Mahajan.

After Sales Support

“The service support from HAAS is also excellent. We had service issues with other brands, but with HAAS, we never faced any problems. With other brands, there are inconsistencies in their customer service, and the cost of aftersales is also very high compared to HAAS,” said Mr. Mahajan. Nipa International has not faced any problems with HAAS regarding breakdowns. Overall, it has been a pleasant journey. HFO Phillips investment in their aftersales support process has helped to increase NIPA’s confidence in the HAAS brand.

Spare Parts availability

“The spare parts are immediately available with HAAS, and the backup support is very good as compared to other brands. These are the factors that have influenced us to add more HAAS machines in our line-up. I believe that any machine without a backup part is a real issue,” said Mr. Mahajan

Partners in growth

According to Nipa International, they are very satisfied with HAAS as it suits their requirements for tolerances, and the desired finish is excellent. Both companies have a perfect working relationship, which was started with Mr. Terrence Miranda and is now continuing with Mr. Rathore.

Once we bought the machine, we were pleased that we had made the right choice. Our HAAS machines are sturdy and reliable. Even now, when we compare the price and features of a HAAS machine with other brands, HAAS offers the best value for money.

Nipa International

The NIPA Group traces its history back to the year 1982, when it started with manufacturing Tape Deck Mechanisms and Television Cabinets. Carrying its expertise in tooling and moulding, the company has successfully evolved and is now one of the most significant OEM and manufacturer for modular switches and other accessories, for various global brands in India, for domestic and export markets.

Now, Nipa International manufactures electrical switches for all the premium brands such as Havells Schneider Electric, Anchor, Crabtree, Finolex, Hager, Honeywell, L&T, Luminous, Phillips, Vguard, Orient, Simon, Standard, and

Wipro, etc. The company provides end-to-end solutions, right from concept designing to the finished product. They have in-house facilities such as prototyping, validation, cutting, stamping, grinding, and painting, etc.

Today, with four globally competent units across India, NIPA is racing ahead on the path of success, providing complete turnkey solutions for electrical wiring accessories projects. They are the preferred partners for almost all the leading brands in this business today.

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