HAAS – Provides unrivalled quality and authentic customer service in CNC Machining Solutions

“HAAS USA makes excellent quality, affordable machines through which we are able to achieve our desired accuracy of 10 to 12 microns. We have bought more than 20 machines from PHILLIPS Machine Tools. HFO Phillips also provides a buyback facility which is a major reason that we prefer HAAS” said, Mr. Yash Pal Kapur, Chairman, Everest Pressure & Vacuum Systems.

Starting Blower making
Everest was the brand name for the first ever machine manufactured by the United Machine tools company, which started in 1980. Soon they expanded and started producing PD Blowers. In the beginning, they used conventional machines and later switched to CNC machines as the company wanted to provide quality products to its customers. Currently, they manufacture over 700 blowers per month ranging from 1HP to 500HP, under the brand name “Everest Blowers.” They plan to increase the production by 20%, by adopting better machining techniques, reducing cycle times, and opting for better tooling. Today, Everest is the No. 1 blower manufacturing company in South East Asia. The number of blowers manufactured by them in a month is more than the blowers manufactured by all their competitors put together.

Getting introduced to CNC Technology
Everest Pressure and Vacuum systems bought their first CNC machine 15 years back. Though they were unaware of the technology and were in doubt about buying a CNC machine, Mr. Terrence Miranda from HAAS convinced them to invest in a CNC machine. “We were so convinced with HAAS that when Mr. Miranda suggested us to go for a VMC & CNC Lathe to boost our production work, we followed their advice and bought these machines. We also got a chance to meet Alan Phillips and his brother Matthew Phillips six years back and told them that we were very keen to purchase a HAAS HMC and are waiting for the day HAAS starts manufacturing a suitable HMC,” said, Mr. Kapur.

“We have 20 CNC machines with us, out of which 15 are from HAAS. Our desire to buy an HMC from HAAS remains unfulfilled as they are due to restart manufacturing them. Since we don’t have a choice, we have bought HMC’s of different brands. Recently, we purchased three more machines from HAAS, two no. VF-2-I and one no. VF-4-I,” said, Mr. Yash Pal Kapur, Chairman, Everest Pressure & Vacuum Systems.

Selecting HAAS over others
Everest Pressure & Vacuum Systems is extremely satisfied with the performance of HAAS machines, and they believe that these machines are incomparable with other brands. The company is delighted with the support they receive from HAAS and trusts their quality.
The company feels that HAAS provides good quality machines at an affordable price and backs it up with excellent service quality. For them, HAAS will always be the first choice when it comes to buying CNC machines.

Support from HAAS
“HAAS is very prompt in solving our queries. Recently, we bought a machine and faced an issue of lubrication, which they immediately solved. We are overall happy with the service and support that we are getting from HAAS. HAAS also delivers the spare parts in time and engineers from HAAS advise us to buy spare parts in advance and to be prepared if any break down happens” said, Mr. Amit Kapur, Director, Everest Pressure & Vacuum Systems.

Partners in growth
HAAS had introduced CNC machines to Everest and as such the company feels proud of selecting the best CNC brand HAAS at the first instance. The company had bought a single machine at first but soon realized the potential of these machines and booked around 8 more HAAS machines. Before purchasing the machine, HAAS had arranged for benchmarking, and they were impressed with the results. They were satisfied regarding the capability and the quality of the machines after the purchase.
“HAAS application engineers also educated us to build the right machining strategy to optimize the process. For an entrepreneur, if he is getting a one-stop solution, he will not visit anywhere else. We bought machines of other brands just because those machines were not available with HAAS. Our first choice always is HAAS as they always go an extra mile to make things easier for us,” said, Mr. Kapur.

Comment Box:

HAAS is very customer-centric, and I can call them even at ten o clock in the night, and they will not mind. Mr. Terrance Miranda has maintained this kind of culture inside his organization, and they treat us like family.

Everest Pressure & Vacuum Systems


Everest Blowers has been serving the industry for the last four decades, and innovation has been their key mantra. As a leading blower manufacturer, they cater to a substantial industry segment. Their blowers are used in varied industries from process industries to wastewater treatment plants. Everest Blowers comprising of “Pressure Division & Vacuum Division” are into direct manufacturing, marketing & exports of Roots Blowers, Blower Packages, Industrial Vacuum Systems, Dry Screw Vacuum Pumps, Mechanical Vacuum Boosters, Mechanical Vapour Re-compressors and Acoustic Hoods, etc.
Everest started manufacturing Twin Lobe Rotary Air Blowers in 1980, and since then they cover the entire range of Twin / Tri-Lobe Blowers as well as a complete range of Industrial vacuum systems. Over the years, the company has expanded its technological base, bringing a wide range of products and have helped in improving the environment by curbing pollution and saving cost through innovative “Solvent Recovery Ideas. “
The Quality Management System of Everest conforms to the Quality Management System Standard ISO 9001:2015. Facilities include in-house design, production, manufacturing, quality control, inspection and after-sales services. Under the Everest Group, all companies are ISO9001, ISO 14001 & ISO 18000 certified, and they follow the top standards of environmental and employee norms, making Everest the leading manufacturer of blowers in India.

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