Seco Tools actively contributes to improving your productivity and competitiveness in metal cutting machining. Customer closeness and a solution-oriented approach are the company’s strategic cornerstones, together with verifiable and documented improvements in total cost of production.

The company values long-term relationships as it is possible to gain a better understanding of the challenges and allows it to actively contribute to the customers’ development.

A comprehensive range of cutting tools is another central component of Seco’s strategy and the quality and innovation built in its tools is the key to profitable production. In order to offer the best total solutions, it also provides technical support, demonstrations, technical advice, new ideas and practical experience.

State-of-the-art Solutions

Established in 1988, Seco Tools India is an export oriented unit (EOU) supplying state-of-the-art tooling solution to the global market. The company’s facility in Pune manufactures metal cutting tools besides inserts and carriers. Every year the facility and capacity at the manufacturing unit is being increased with special production unit catering to local customers. It is one of the best shops in the industry.

Seco Tools India has been using Hermle machines at its manufacturing facility ever since the unit came into existence. Explaining the reason behind this, Mr. Atul Mohkhedkar, General Manager (Production) of Seco Tools India said, “Choosing Hermle as our machining partner was easy. We are following the group standard machine specifications and Hermle is one among them.”

Technical Benchmark

“While selecting the machine, we conducted technical benchmarking. We looked into the thermal stability of the machine, reliability of operations, support availability and track record of the supplier within Seco and entire industry. Since Hermle has special polymer concrete base, the thermal stability is good. Our workshop is exposed to almost 10 degrees of temperature variation in 24 hours and Hermle machines maintain the same. This prompted us to zero-in on Hermle,” Mr. Mohkhedkar said.

“Besides, Hermle machines are reliable that helps in maintaining the accuracy. Also, support from Hermle’s local office has been good always. Seco has three different models of Hermle machines from smaller (C 22) to bigger (C 50).

After-Sales Service

“Since we manufacture different component, the tolerance varies. On Hermle machines, it varies from 4 microns to 30 microns which is well within our expected tolerance level. Even process capability is well maintained on these machines,” the official said and added that with Hermle there is reliability of operation and process capability. “If we require after-sales service, Hermle’s support from Germany as well as local back office is very prompt and good. Hermle is our business partner,” he lauded.

When specifically asked about Hermle’s service support backup, the official said, “Once we had a major problem in the machine and when we discussed it with Hermle officials, they specially deputed one of their engineers from Germany who reached our manufacturing facility on third day. Their team is always there as and when required and we are satisfied with the service backup.”

Satisfactory Results

“Since it was Seco that started Hermle market in India, the machine manufacturer gives primary supplier benefit to us. Even the availability of local service is good. As breakdowns in the machines are limited, their service engineers visit us whenever we call them. They are keeping us satisfied. Even the competency of the people as well as company is good and service documentation is extremely proper that creates very less problems in the machine,” Mr. Mohkhedkar added.

When asked whether Seco is satisfied with Hermle’s performance, the official replied in the affirmative. “Yes, we are really satisfied. Interaction between Seco and Hermle will be as it is and increase year-after-year. We are looking forward for better and improved support from Hermle in the future,” Mr. Mohkhedkar concluded.

Partners in Growth

Stating that Hermle is market leaders in 5-axis machining centres, Mr. Maximilian Waizenegger, the Regional Sales Manager of Hermle Machine Tools, said Seco Tools is using the machining centres developed by Hermle since past many years and are satisfied with the performance of the machines. “For Seco, using Hermle 5-axis machines has been a great experience since the rotary table is very rigid and reliably designed. This is one of the reasons why we are market leaders,” he said.

Elaborating on Hermle-Seco partnership, Mr. Waizenegger said, “Seco is most important for us. In India, we share a strong relationship. Hermle started supplying macines in India after Seco purchased these machining centres. We also share a good relationship Phillips Machine Tools India. We have a good product and the machines are reliable that helped us develop long standing relationship.”

“The most important thing is we are able to give prompt after-sales support and remain close to the customers which is very important for Hermle. Even Seco has approved the kind of support they are getting from Phillips Machine Tools India. Now we have to convince others and establish ourselves more in the Indian market,” he said.

“Now that we have Phillips Machine Tools as our partners in India, the spare part support will be good. Our machines are 100% manufactured in Germany and the target is to maintain the quality of the machines. We will be doing this in India with Phillips Machine Tools. I think the one reason why people are buying Hermle machines in India is the availability of technical support and training locally. We have to maintain customer relations. We believe that quality of after-sales service reflects in quality of machines and are happy to partner Phillips Machine Tools India in this endeavor of ours,” Mr. Waizenegger concluded.

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