Hermle taking giant strides in a conducive Indian market


Mr. Maximilian Waizenegger

Regional Sales Manager

Maschinenfabrik Berthold Hermle AG

Amidst the stiff competition and the cost factor, Hermle sees a promising future in India, owing to its USPs, innovations and cooperation from Phillips.

What are the opportunities Hermle sees in India for the Machine Tools industry?

India is one of the fastest-growing economies in the world, and the Metal Working industry is a driving sector. Being a manufacturer of high-end machining centers (mainly 5-axis), we have the right products to support the niche markets that demand the highest quality standards and not the mass market. The target industries in India are Mould & Die, Medical, Aerospace, General Machine Tool suppliers and job shops.

This sector is growing too, and we can see a trend towards high-end machines and higher demands of the manufacturers with regards to precision, reliability and productivity. All this calls for a high-end 5-axis machining center 100% manufactured in Germany: a Hermle machine!

What are the USPs of using Hermle machines? What advantages does Hermle offer to its customers as a machining partner?

Highly accurate 5-axis machining centers, single-block polymer concrete machine beds, well-proven modified gantry design (since 1996), exclusively manufactured at the headquarters in Germany.

Please mention some latest innovations by Hermle machines for the Tooling industry?

The new Hermle performance line including the latest model C650 offers the perfect solution for the Mould & Die applications. All our machines are a perfect symbiosis of dynamics and rigidity and therefore form the perfect basis for any application in the Mould and Die industry.

IIoT & Industry 4.0 are trending topics. How is Hermle adapting to the modern manufacturer?

Hermle’s digital modules are three steps towards Industry 4.0: Hermle Digital Production, Hermle Digital Service, Hermle Digital Operation. The digital transformation is now becoming the focus of many production operations. Hermle provides support to chart your individual course towards Industry 4.0 and the smart factory.

We offer a wide range of software solutions for improving your efficiency, precision and productivity. Our digital components represent links in the chain of smarter production. We can work together to find out what your operation needs.

How far has the association with Phillips Machine Tools India been helpful to grow business in India?

A high-end machining center is worth nothing without excellent local service and after-sales support. Hermle is globally known for its service competence, and due to a long cooperation with Phillips Machine Tools, we can offer this for the Indian market too.

Reliable and easy-to-service machine design, excellent spare parts support, close cooperation between the headquarters and the local presence as well as highly educated engineers form a closed loop to support our customers as much as possible.

What is the scenario in Indian manufacturers adopting Hermle products? What is the cost factor included in this?

In South Germany (Swabia), we have a saying: “If you buy cheap, you buy twice!” The Hermle machine is not the cheapest machine in the market, but it is reasonable. Considering the total cost of ownership, faster ROI due to high productivity and reliability and accuracy that lasts for decades, a Hermle will pay off, and once you step up to our product, you will understand these benefits.

How is the competition in the Indian market from the global counterparts?

In the high-end 5-axis CNC Machine Tools sector, the main players come from Europe and Japan. Hermle’s target is to be always at least one step ahead of our competition.

What will be the highlights of the Hermle Open House 2018, which will update customers about the latest innovations and development?

The Open House itself is a highlight each and every year. We expect close to 3,000 visitors from all over the globe. Not only will we show cutting-edge technology on around 20 machines in our showroom, 40 exhibitors from the Cutting Tool, Software and Workholding industry will be present. We open our complete facility for company tours and shed a light on the topics digitalization and smart factory.

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