MECHASOFT: A Kolhapur-based company looks to HFo Phillips as a one-stop solution provider: providing reliable, efficient, comprehensive sales, service and applications support for the HAAS machine and control.

“The build quality of a HAAS CNC machine is epitomized in its spindle performance: even after running the spindle for more than 48 hours at 10,000 RPM, there was no variation in cutting performance.

The early power failure detection module (PFDM), which comes standard with any HAAS machine, is also having a very useful feature: it senses a power failure or severe drop in incoming line voltage and quickly brings the motion of all axes to a safe and controlled stop thereby saving the job.

Machine performance aside, HFO Phillips India, provides a one-stop, comprehensive service solution: machine and control service under one roof. HAAS and PHILLIPS provide my business with high flexibility and reliability, which I value,” said Mr. Tushar Kulkarni, Managing Partner, Mechasoft.

Getting introduced to the CNC technology

“I was first introduced to HAAS machines during my training days while handling HAAS VMC at Bharat Forge. I was well aware of the HAAS control before starting my company. The best part about HAAS is the compatibility of its 4th and 5th axis rotary table with any of its VMC machines, which provides the opportunity to upgrade a standard 3-axis HAAS VMC to a simultaneous 5-axis CNC machine. For example, tomorrow, if some job requires 5th axis machining, then I don’t have to use another machine. I can add the 2-axis rotary tilt table and start the machining on the 5th axis, which saves us a lot of cost and time. In total, we have ten machines, out of which eight are HAAS machines including two 5-axis machines,” said Mr. Kulkarni.

Investing in the future

“Die making is not an easy job. You need to have knowledge of design, manufacturing, tools and pre- and post- processes. In our line of business, we need a machine that can do batch production and mass production for dies and moulds also.

If one adds a machine for each process, he’ll end up burning a lot of his resources. HAAS is not only affordable but also provides all these features in a single machine. Not every machine tools builder has this capability,” said Mr. Kulkarni.

Mechasoft purchased its first HAAS machine in 2004 for production work. It now has the Mini Mill, VF-1, VF-2, VF-2-I, VF-3, VF-7 & VM-2 from HAAS, and one more VF-2-I is to be added the next month.

Journey with HAAS

Mechasoft has been using HAAS machines for the past 14 years, and in all these years, it did not have to change a spindle. There were no variations, and they did not face any run-out problems. “I found that the overall machine design and components used from the spindle to the castings to the motion elements were easily able to handle a 10 mm or 15 mm depth of cut. The efficiency and ease with which we were able to rough and finish jobs make HAAS stand out,” said Mr. Kulkarni.

The high-ergonomic, well-thought out machine design and features are loved by our operators, who find it very easy to run. We start a brand new machine installation during the day-time, & by the same night, it is ready to start production. We call it a plug ‘n’ play machine. The HAAS Visual Programming System (VPS) quick code feature, which comes standard with HAAS machines, is so simple that even without any designing knowledge, the operator can quickly create G-code programs for basic parts. The HAAS Next Generation Control (NGC) is the latest update to the Machine Tool industry’s most user-friendly CNC control.

The experience till now with HAAS

We always had very good experience with the HAAS team. The team is well trained in each and every aspect of the machine, including the software. With the HAAS factory outlet very close to our facility, it has become even easier for us to get service very quickly. The response time from HAAS is rapid, and most of the times, the errors are solved over the telephone,” said Mr. Kulkarni.

The HAAS people have trained Mechasoft’s in-house Maintenance team for troubleshooting. Apart from service support, they visit the plant frequently to check if everything is functioning correctly. Whenever the company wants to develop a component for a customer, the HAAS Applications team thoroughly analyses and provides the cycle time and speed feed, etc. They go an extra mile to provide customer support, which is admirable.

Future with HAAS

Mechasoft is extremely satisfied with HAAS machines, so much so that it has already planned to buy three more HAAS machines in the next financial year. The company is very happy with the competitive pricing of the machines because it is now getting international quality machines at an Indian price.

I will always recommend HAAS to others as I am getting the benefit of using a top-class machine from a company that has an exceptional commitment towards manufacturing world-class products and taking care of its customers,” concluded Mr. Kulkarni.

Tushar Kulkarni
Managing Partner

I will always recommend HAAS to others as I am getting the benefit of using a top-class machine from a company that has an exceptional commitment towards manufacturing world-class products and taking care of its customers.”

Comment Box:
The build quality of a HAAS machine is epitomized in its spindle performance. The efficiency with which we were able to rough and finish jobs with ease makes HAAS stand out.

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