Precision is of the utmost importance in the high-volume production of the automotive industry. Machines must operate reliably 24/7 on a three-shift basis to avoid any unnecessary downtime. To meet these requirements, Precihole offers state-of-the-art Gun drilling and BTA Deep hole drilling machines that are highly regarded for their precision and robustness in the automotive industry. The machines come with multi-spindle and multi-way options that help to enhance productivity, while various levels of automation can be added to reduce cycle times further. Additionally, the machines feature a quick change setup that simplifies changeovers and makes them operator-friendly.


Deep hole drilling originated as a technique for creating lengthy and straight holes in the Guns and Armaments industry. As a result, one of the key sectors where deep hole drilling is utilized is in Defense. The Gun Barrel is the essential part of the Gun, and achieving an accurate hole with the necessary surface finish is critical to ensuring a precise gunshot. Our company specializes in Gun Barrel drilling, and we have provided numerous deep hole drilling solutions to most Ordnance factories in India for various types of barrels such as Piston, Rifle, and Shotgun barrels. Additionally, we have developed customized machines for operations such as Rifling, Draw Boring, Pull Reaming, Honing, and we offer regular servicing of components such as Torpedo tubes, actuator casings, and breech blocks, for the Defense industry.


The Aerospace industry demands the use of materials that possess immense strength, heat resistance, and the ability to deliver exceptional performance. For instance, materials like Titanium alloys, Inconel, and various types of Aluminum alloys (such as 6061 Aluminum) are frequently utilized in this sector. To cater to the industry’s needs, Precihole has developed Gun drilling and BTA Deep hole drilling machines capable of handling these exotic, high-temperature-resistant materials. These machines support drilling of very long lengths and high L/D ratios, as per the required specifications. Components used in Aerospace, such as Brake Manifolds, Landing Gears, Fuel Injectors, Maneuvering Cylinders, and other engine parts, are all processed using Precihole’s Deep Hole drilling solutions. We also provide special operations like Boring, Bottle Boring (Internal Profiling), and other metal cutting operations based on our customers’ specific requirements.

Oil & Gas

The Oil and Gas industry necessitates deep hole drilling for a variety of components such as Drill collars, Hang off collars, Packers, Connectors, various types of tubes, and other exploration tools & instruments. Precihole caters to this industry by offering top-notch deep hole drilling machines and precision component manufacturing services to many major companies. We provide a range of machines for Gun Drilling, BTA Drilling, and Skiving and Roller burnishing processes, which are commonly used in this sector. These machines are specifically designed to meet the requirements of the Oil and Gas industry. Precihole machines can drill lengths up to 15 meters into difficult-to-machine and exotic materials like Inconel and Titanium alloys.

Hydraulic Cylinders

To cater to the significant demand for hydraulic cylinders across various industries, Precihole has developed BTA machines that can perform skiving and roller burnishing operations. Achieving precise surface finish and concentricity of the inner wall of the cylinder is crucial. To meet such tight tolerances, Precihole’s High production dedicated Skiving & Roller Burnishing Machines are an excellent option. These machines are up to 9 times faster than Honing operations and can easily integrate into a production setup. The same robustness and quick change setup of a Precihole BTA machine is integral to the Precihole’s SBN Skiving Burnishing Machines.

Die & Mold

Components used in the Die & Mold industry typically have complex shapes, requiring drill holes to be made at different angles. This demands significant skill from the operator and increases the process time. Precihole has developed machines for both large and small mold plates. Our 3 Axis Gun drilling machine with CNC control is designed for drilling angular holes in manifold plates, cooling holes in dies, capsule magazines, runner block, ejector pins, and other components. Specially designed fixturing for specific components enables reduced cycle times, while automation can be incorporated to further reduce cycle time. Precihole also offers sub-contract services for small and large batch production of deep hole drilling in various dies and molds.


Precihole serves the Firearms industry by providing high-precision deep hole drilling machines and services for producing gun barrels, chambers, and other components. Our machines are capable of drilling deep and straight holes in exotic and hard-to-machine materials like Titanium alloys and Inconel. These machines are also suitable for drilling long-length holes and achieving high L/D ratios as per customer requirements. Additionally, we have developed specialty machines for operations like Rifling, Draw Boring, Pull Reaming, Honing, and other metal cutting operations. Overall, Precihole’s deep hole drilling solutions help the Firearms industry to achieve greater precision, accuracy, and consistency in their component manufacturing, while also enhancing their overall performance and quality.


The Energy industry is highly advanced in terms of technology, and the recent surge in renewable energy has led to an increase in the number of wind farms being developed across various countries. Precihole provides an ideal solution for the manufacture of components such as Wind Mill Shafts, Turbine Shafts, and Generator Shafts, which are crucial to the renewable energy sector. Tube Sheet Drilling is yet another area where Precihole has been able to offer its customers accurate and efficient results. With its extensive engineering expertise and experience in the machine tool industry, Precihole provides complete solutions to the Indian Nuclear Industry. The company is capable of manufacturing critical components such as fuel shafts, coolant entry tubes, end fittings, and nozzles on its machines, which are equipped to deliver finished components in minimal process times.

Medical Implants

Medical implants require precise and intricate deep hole drilling operations due to their special surgical grade Titanium and steel materials. These materials have a high strength to weight ratio and are resistant to corrosion. For such slender workpieces, very small diameter holes as small as Dia. 1.5 mm need to be drilled using deep hole gun drilling operations. The length to diameter ratios can be as high as 350-400, which poses a challenge due to the difficulty of drilling into Titanium, despite it being a biocompatible material. Precihole’s three decades of machine tool manufacturing experience has enabled the development of special machines that are capable of drilling long, accurate holes with relatively impressive drilling parameters. Precihole’s machines are designed to drill into components such as bone screws, femoral nails, tibial nails, and other surgical instruments, and are specially equipped to handle the unique requirements of the medical implant industry.

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