JFY is a total solution provider for sheet metal processing since 1996

JFY International is one of the market leaders for CNC bending, punching, shearing and 2D laser cutting machines. In 2013, JFY became the Member of the TRUMPF Group, with a sales figure that exceeds USD 150 million and is currently exporting products worldwide.
Phillips Machine Tools is partnering with JFY International to guarantee professional consulting, quick responses, and excellent service on time for our Indian Subcontinent customers. Phillips is one of the largest solutions provider in the manufacturing industry.

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CNC Laser Cutting Machine 

With TRUMPF TruDisk laser generator, JFY Laser Cutting Machine provides high cutting speed, good stability, high efficiency, and anti-reflection function.

CNC Turret Punching Machine 

High performance CNC punching machine with high stability and low investment costs. Adopts a first-class fully servo system, whose stroke and speed are changed digitally. Significant energy saving through servo motor and noise reduction through soft punch function. Quick change die holder and Auto-index function provides high operating convenience.

CNC Press Brake 

High speed, accuracy and reliability combined in one machine. The speed can reach up to 1200 mm/s. Our CNC bending machines provide the best solutions to meet any requirement. Beam of back gauge adopt double guideway rail structure, which effectively reduces finger shakes. Advantages of high precision, easy clamping, no looseness, and no tooling dropdown, Maximum avoidance of the workpiece interference when bending at a small angle.

CNC Guillotine Shearing Machine 

The fast system of JFY Shearing Machines can automatically adjust the clearance between upper and lower blades with great precision.

CNC Fiber Laser Tube Cutting Machine

JFY CNC laser tube cutting machine is a high-precision and high-efficiency tube processing equipment. With friendly HMI from FSCUT 5000 control and laser modulation function, it provides an easy operation and possibility for capacity expansion and upgrade.