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Kent Precision Surface Grinder

Saddle Traveling Type Machines

  • Three axes automatic surface grinder with small footprint
  • Castings are made of high quality ribbed cast iron, which have been tempered to achieve extreme rigidity
  • Automatic lubricating system to ensure smooth and long lasting operation in all 3-axes
  • Table working Area : 600X300 mm
  • The elevation guide ways (Z axis) are hand-scraped then secured to the column structure
  • X&Y slide ways are laminated with Turcite-B, hand-scraped with sufficient lubrication
  • Automatic down-feed gearbox for accurate down-feed increment
  • Table working Area : 800X400 mm

Column Traveling Type machines

  • The table moves longitudinally. This ensures full contact and support on the machine bed, even in the table limit position
  • Box type and double walled structure for excellent dampening
  • The automatic lubrication system ensures all the critical components are lubricated with right amount of oil at all times
  • Table working Area : 1000X500 mm
  • The spindle housing moves vertically only. This provides a constant distance between the vertical slide ways and the grinding wheel
  • The external and independent hydraulic unit eliminates the transfer of heat and vibration to the machine
  • Designed for highly precise, smooth elevation of the wheel head
  • Table working Area : 1000X500 mm