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Injection Moulding

Potenza Series:

LK is one of the manufacturers of Plastic Injection Moulding Machines with proven hydraulic, hybrid and full electric technology, clamping forces ranging from 5 Ton to 7,000 Ton. We provide the reliable and competitive turnkey solution. LK’s Potenza is one of our best-selling models utilizing proven technology, Potenza is an excellent injection moulding machine from 80 Ton to 850 Ton. Equipped with sturdy toggle clamping system, agile injection unit, efficient hydraulic system, Potenza represents pride of workmanship.

Benefits of LK Potenza Series:

  • Servo motor and gear pump paired for high efficiency and accuracy
  • Professional controller system, masters the machine process with your fingertips
  • Sturdy toggle clamp system assure minimum deflection, less mold wear
  • Push-pull ejectors with quick coupler connections
  • Screw and barrel built with high-quality alloy steel

Forza Series:

This series belongs to A versatile and efficient injection moulding machine for large parts. The compact Forza two-platen injection moulding machine will let you enjoy the freedom of small footprint, multi-functional process capability, tons of application-orientated add-on modules which sophisticated processors are seeking.

Benefits of LK Forza Series:

  • The new two-platen clamping design delivers the generous molding space with the smallest footprint
  • Flexible and modular machine clamping and injection matrix including plug and play modules perfect for diverse markets and applications
  • Linear guide rails for clamping and injection motion support
  • Single cylinder injection unit guarantees the good injection performance