The accuracy of metal cutting machines in a machining shop ensures improved productivity and performance. Regular or time-to-time quality tests are inevitable in turn to ensure such accuracy and trouble free assured performance of the machining shop.

Belt Tension Measurement

Tension measurements made on belts at very low tensions may yield greater variability and a greater probability of avoiding errors. If a tension reading cannot be obtained, the belt may be too loose to generate a clear harmonic frequency signal. If this is the case, the belt may need to be tightened in order to obtain a tension reading. Proper belt installation tension is essential in V-belt and synchronous drives for optimum performance and reliability. Belt Tension Meter is capable of measuring belt tension with greater accuracy and consistency than traditional methods.

Laser Interferometer
Laser Interferometer is a measure of relative movement rather than an absolute measurement. Different selections of optics pass the laser beam through different paths, allowing a variety of measurement modes (e.g. linear, angular, straightness) to be taken from a single laser unit. The most common use of the laser interferometer system is for motion verification systems. Measuring machine performance helps to identify the issues in manufactured parts.

Clamp Force Gauges
New CNC Machines using pull-studs for tool retention gradually lose tool holding force with time. This deterioration affects surface finishes, cutting tool life, and eventually productivity. Testing a drawbar requires a force gauge which simulates a tool being held in the spindle. Low drawbar pressure will create some very elusive and challenging machining problems.

Spindle Mandrel
The biggest cause of excessive tool wear and tool breakage are directly caused by machine tool spindle run-out as well as excessive axial play. The spindle run out test bar can be used to test the CNC machine tools for accuracy and alignments, and also to ensure a stable production environment as well as consistent motion operations from one machine to another.

Ball Bar Instruments
QC 20 Ballbar is the quickest, easiest and has high accuracy, a telescoping linear sensor with precision balls at each end. In use, the balls are kinematically located between precision magnetic cups, one attached to the machine table and the other to the spindle. This arrangement enables the ballbar to measure minute variations in radius as the machine follows a programmed circular path.

The sets of machine qualification instruments are available at various locations in India to support the customers. The qualification of machine condition can be assured by a specific protocol and quantification of parameters for machine condition analysis during a preventive check. It is always advisable to qualify the machines from the certified agency/ engineer. A record file of periodic check results should be maintained for every machine. The analysis of these records will provide wear patternof the components and helps in predictive spare parts planning. The unpredictable machine breakdowns can be reduced considerably with this check as well as it helps to control the spare parts inventory cost.

The author Shardul Itkalkar heads the Engineered Products Division of Phillips Machine Tools India Private Limited. With more than two decades of industry experience he advocates right maintenance for your machines. He can be reached at

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