Metal FFF 3D Printing

A step-by-step guide for process and considerations

Metal FFF 3D Printing Guide

Metal FFF 3D Printing Guide

Metal fused filament fabrication (metal FFF) is quickly becoming a go-to 3D printing process for many industries. It’s affordable, easy-to-use, and offers an accessible way for modern manufacturers to print real metal parts – using a process based around metal injection molding (MIM).

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Our unique process

Composite Base filaments

Composite Base

The X7 prints Composite Base filaments like a conventional FFF thermoplastic. Bases can be printed alone or reinforced with any of our composite reinforcement materials, including Carbon Fiber. Composite base materials are plastic based and can contain some volume of chopped carbon fiber.

Continuous Fiber Reinforcement

Only Markforged printers can lay down Continuous Fiber Reinforcement inside of parts through a second nozzle. These fibers cannot be printed alone and are used to reinforce parts printed out of a composite base material like Onyx.

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