Dedicated Experts Providing You Leaps in Productivity

“Some experts want their customers to know as little as possible. We are the opposite. We want to do as much knowledge transfer as we can. It’s hardwired into OPTO.”

Phillips Opto

Dedicated Experts Providing You Leaps in Productivity

Phillips Opto helps you achieve rapid, affordable productivity gains by significantly improving your machining processes. We’ve assembled some of the industry’s leading machining experts to help you:

// Design new processes
// Optimize programming, set-up and tooling
// Prove out new parts
// Troubleshoot production for hidden inefficiencies
// Fast-track employee skills

Phillips Opto is a fresh pair of eyes. A source of new ideas. And an insurance policy against fast changing technology and processes.

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Meet the Team

Joe Sommers

// 30+ years of manufacturing experience as a machinist, shop supervisor, manufacturing engineer and project manager, reaching nearly every industry

// 10+ years as a manufacturing engineer and project manager in the medical implant industry

// Machining is a passion he learned from his Grandfather, Uncles and Father-in-law and now shares with his Son

Chandan Singh

// Expert in New part development, analysis and troubleshooting process planning, feasibility

// 12+ Years of experience in D&D department, production and quality improvement, turnkey project management, technical support to customers and internal team, industry development automotive parts, medical implant, aerospace and weapon equipment

// Specialized in multi axis, VTL, Turnmill, CAD CAM, interfacing of tools with fixtures and machine feasibility

Vijay Gadhiya

// Expert in Technical Analysis & Feasibility

// 12+ years of experience in applications engineering, assembly plant, machine tool building

// Specialized in on-field project execution in nearly all industry, machine troubleshooting

Purushottam Shewale

// Expert in Project Management

// 15+ years as an applications engineer, software testing, manufacturing plant manager where he focused on new product development and implementation, process improvement and shop floor work flow in a fast passed high mix environment

// Specializes in turning, prove-outs, fixture building, fabrication

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With Phillips 360, you have a dedicated local team of experts looking out for your business. Sales, service, and applications professionals, all zeroed in on your success. This “single minded” focus on your objectives allows us to:

//   Minimize Downtime…with faster response times
//   Prevent the Unexpected…with early, targeted maintenance
//   Innovate on Your Behalf…with new technologies, software, and solutions in sync with your business.

With Phillips 360, you’re being served from every angle. Sales. Service. Applications. One highly coordinated team devoted to your machines, your business, your goals.