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“We’re confident that our sales, service and application Partners know what needs to be done to revolutionize the experience we create for our customers and it is our belief that Phillips 360 Teams will give them the opportunity to accomplish this.​”

Phillips Opto

Dedicated Experts Providing You Leaps in Productivity

Phillips Opto helps you achieve rapid, affordable productivity gains by significantly improving your machining processes. We’ve assembled some of the industry’s leading machining experts to help you:

// Design new processes
// Optimize programming, set-up and tooling
// Prove out new parts
// Troubleshoot production for hidden inefficiencies
// Fast-track employee skills

Phillips Opto is a fresh pair of eyes. A source of new ideas. And an insurance policy against fast changing technology and processes.

By The Numbers

Many of his customers describe him as “one of the best in the business”. He swears by OPTO.

Expert in Project Management

15+ years as an applications engineer, software testing, manufacturing plant manager where he focused on new product development and implementation, process improvement and shop floor work flow in a fast passed high mix environment

Specializes in turning, prove-outs, fixture building, fabrication

What People are Saying about Phillips

Phillips Opto is low cost and low risk.

Turnkeys put the onus on the supplier to meet the often stringent part specification and process time requirement of the customer. Generally expensive, sophisticated machines are the basis for highly defined, inflexible processes. The customer’s environment is often a variable which is little known to suppliers, potentially causing expensive adaptions to the process. The process is generally fraught with risk which is priced into the turnkey. Often suppliers work to keep their know-how or trade secrets from the customer. The expectation that the supplier provide a fully functioning system that meets quality standards, process times, and delivery and installation schedules with little support from the customer and a secretive supplier tend to create an adversarial relationship between supplier and customer.

To sum it up turnkeys are expensive, risky, and tend to lead to unsatisfactory adversarial relationships.

The key is developing a partnering relationship with our customers.

We use high value, flexible, and relatively inexpensive Haas machines as our basis and personal highly skilled application engineers. Together Phillips and our customers create our jointly owned objectives, which reduces risk and makes the service relatively inexpensive. We work hand in hand (Phillips and our customer) to accomplish the objectives, which are based on vastly improving productivity and building competencies by transferring know-how.

Our value is guaranteed. If we don’t meet your expectations – you don’t pay.

Welcome to the Future of Manufacturing

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