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With a wide range of offerings under Grinding technology, Phillips Machine Tools India is a leading name widely recognized for its efficient application and performance by our customers. Grinding offerings consists of Surface Grinding, Tool & Cutter Grinding, 5 Axis Tool & Cutter Grinding & CNC precision cylindrical pinch/peel grinding.

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Full service and application support from installation to training and after sales

Surface Grinder

High Strength cast iron foundation

High precision sliding screw

High rigid sleeve structure

Tool and Cutter Grinder

Wheelhead can easily tilt up to ±15 degrees, with a 360-degrees swivel on the horizontal plane

Working table can rotate 120 degrees, with a ±60-degrees graduated scale attached

Feed of working table can control at various speed, both at low and high

5 Axis Tool and Cutter Grinder

High rigidity linear guideway for X, Y, Z axis

Touch screen panel allows manual inputs

Powerful tool design function with no limitation

CNC Precision Cylindrical Pinch /Peel Grinder

Strongly structured bed - minimum vibration

High rigidity linear guideway - Maximum wear resistance

Full servo controller -Positioning accuracy

High precision ballscrew - Highly accurate operations

Double Column Surface Grinder

High rigidity box casting structure

Beam Column casting

Spindle of wheel head adopts dynamic and static pressing tile structure

Phillips Cylindrical Grinder

High rigid spindle & rotary precision

The workhead adopts frequency converter to realize stepless speed regulation

Universal workhead can be adjusted at any angle within 90 degrees counter clockwise to adapt to chunk grinding internal and external conical workpiece

Mold and Die

Precision Mechines




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