Phillips launches ‘Job Connect’ feature on The Phillips Machinist App

Phillips Machine Tools India, announces the addition of all new feature ‘Job Connect’ to its widely popular The Phillips Machinist App. With this ‘Job Connect’ feature, Phillips is now targeting to bridge the connection gap between young engineering job aspirants and industry.

Though regular job portals in the country list job vacancies as industry-specific, there is still lack of enough information about the jobs for engineers or skilled technicians in the manufacturing sector, as per requirement and role.

Phillips’ customers, as well as companies from the manufacturing industry at large, can post their latest vacancies. Engineering job aspirants who are looking for jobs can visit this feature in the installed Phillips Machinist App on their mobile phones. They can easily filter job search as per their preferred job location and job profile. Once they select a listed position, upload their resume for the position, and click on the ‘Apply’ tab, the employer will automatically receive a notification, both in the App as well as through email. The employer can schedule an interview with the candidates based on their eligibilities and qualifications.

“We have extended our presence from selling and servicing products to enabling an ideal platform for employment generation” said Terrence Miranda Managing Director, Phillip Machine Tools India.

This will benefit the industry at large, especially the customers of HAAS. “Frequently our customers tell us that they are looking for operators or programmers. Through this feature, we can help them find the right candidates for their vacancies” adds Mr. Miranda.

Most leading engineering institutions use HAAS machines not just for training the students, but for their R&D activities too. Engineering students from these colleges are, therefore, already oriented with HAAS machines and HAAS controls, which makes it easier for them to find employment and work smoothly with HAAS customers and companies operating with HAAS machines. “We are happy to facilitate this industry – academia link” Mr. Miranda remarks.

Unemployment in India is projected to increase 18.6 million in 2018 higher than the previous year. In terms of percentage, the unemployment rate remained at 3.4 per cent in 2017-18. According to Centre for Monitoring Indian Economy (CMIE), the number of jobs that can be created, in 2018, is limited to an estimated 600,000.

With the number of engineering students graduating each year in India rising, the number of unemployed engineers is also rising. This is primarily the result of the slow growth of employment generation for them, which often leads to difficulty in finding a job or else getting stuck in the wrong job. On the other hand, this situation also becomes troublesome for companies as it is difficult for them to find the right candidates.

Terrence Miranda
Managing Director
Phillips Machine Tools India

Frequently our customers tell us that they are looking for operators or programmers and through this feature we can help them find the right candidates for their vacancies.


With JOB CONNECT, The Phillips Machinist APP goes to the next level of industry Engagement

India is blessed with a large pool of young engineers graduating each year. These bright young engineers are India’s future and need guidance in finding jobs that challenge, motivate them and suit their skill set. At ‘Job Connect’ it is our commitment to handhold the pool of young engineers towards the right direction in their careers.

David Harris
Vice President – Service
Phillips Corporation

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