PPE: A Service Exclusively Offered To HFO PHILLIPS - HAAS Machine Owners

We, at PHILLIPS, are here to provide you with our expertise and knowledge to ensure smooth, optimal operation of your HAAS machine. PPE, designed by our HFO, provides your most valuable investment: your HAAS machine, with a comprehensive evaluation and certification, which ensures longevity at peak performance.

PPE: How We Do It?

Our HFO is equipped with state-of-the-art instruments and factory certified service engineers to make our PPE program most effective.

Geometry Inspection: A thorough set of geometrical tests including use of a precision level, granite square, granite cylinder and mandrel; all HAAS-certified, ensures that machine level, squareness and spindle sweep are within HAAS specifications.

Ball Bar Calibration: We use HAAS-approved RenishawTM QC20W ball bar equipment to check dynamic and static three-dimensional accuracy.

Drawbar Force Test: This is done using a HAAS-approved drawbar force test gauge.

Vibration Analyser Spindle: The vibration levels in the precision HAAS inline or belt drive spindle are measured by a HAAS-approved vibration analyser, which provides a detailed graphical report that indicates the health of your spindle and ensures optimal cutting performance.

PPE: The Competitive Advantage

Ensures your
HAAS machine

PHILLIPS Performance Evaluation (PPE)
Part # Description Original Value
PPE Geometry Inspection ₹15,000
Ball Bar Calibration ₹7,500
Drawbar Force Test ₹2,500
Vibration Analyser Spindle ₹5,000
Analyses report with recommended service/part NA
Total Value ₹30,000
Value Under PPE ₹20,000
Package Per machine
11 to 20 Machines ₹ 12,500
6 to 10 Machines ₹ 15,000
3 to 5 Machines ₹ 16,000
2 Machines ₹ 18,000
1 Machine ₹ 20,000

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