Ramkripal Yadav – Brand Ambassador

Mr. Ramkripal Yadav could be described using many positive adjectives, but some of the most used adjectives by his fellow partners include supportive, reliable, hard-working, and patient. Mr. Yadav is well known by everyone at Phillips Corporation. If you haven’t had the pleasure to meet him yet, you will still hear wonderful stories about his experiences and achievements. He has a unique story for how he became a part of the Phillips Corporation family comparatively to those who join. As Ashish Chikhale, describes, “He joined our organization after retirement from one of the leading Indian machine tool manufacturing companies. From working at the previous company, Mr. Yadav had a reputation of being a very dedicated person in the machine tool industry.” To have such a strong connection to the values of Phillips Corporation that they enticed him to come work for Phillips after retiring from his other place of work is truly compelling. Outside of work, Mr. Yadav loves to spend time with his family. His son and daughter bring him so much joy and they enjoy many celebrations together at their home. Besides his passion for the manufacturing industry, he also truly enjoys yoga as a way to relax and unwind. He recently had the chance to visit the impressive Isha Yoga Foundation in Coimbatore.

The photo to the left features the bust called Adiyogi and is just one of the magnificent marvels at this site. Adiyogi is recognized by Guinness World Records as being the largest bust sculpture in the world. Mr. Yadav loves to travel and keep up with everything going on in the world. When he’s not working or traveling for Phillips you can find him traveling all over India to beautiful places and meet interesting people.

One particular business trip to the United States with Ashish lead to a very interesting adventure as can be seen in the photo on the right. They had a lot of fun exploring the amusement park, Universal Studios Hollywood, where they ran into unique characters. During that same trip, Mr. Yadav had the pleasure of traveling to Oxnard, California to visit the Haas factory. He truly enjoyed the full factory tour and wishes it wouldn’t have ended. Mr. Yadav has a natural ability to develop relationships with not only his fellow Phillips partners, but also his customers. He is often the go-to person to ask for tips on building trusting and long-lasting connections. His Team Leader, Terrence Miranda remembers,

He readily accepted the role provided to him: managing the sales territory of Navi Mumbai and Nasik. He then went on to develop Nasik into one of our most successful territories in Maharashtra.

In his first two years at Phillips Corporation, Mr. Yadav played a key role in converting 7 customers to Haas customers. Prasad Auti states.

He believes strongly in team work and always shares important information within the team he works within, he’s a great mentor with years of experience.

Mr. Yadav delivers the ultimate value to his customers. From first interaction to after purchasing a machine, Mr. Yadav follows up with his customers and maintains that well respected bond. He is truly customer oriented and ensures that any issues or problems customers have are dealt with effectively by our team,” reflects Terrence. Rahul Shirodkar echoes sentiments similar to his fellow partners,

I am so lucky to get to work with you [Mr. Yadav], who inspire me every day.

Mr. Yadav’s current focus is working to develop a business model for Phillips Education Training and is currently working with his team to present this idea to local school institutions. We are very proud to have Mr. Yadav as a Phillips Brand Ambassador.

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