Standing Strong at 1,150

HAAS is unstoppable on the Indian shop floor!

Phillips brings cutting-edge HAAS machine tool technology to India helping transform Indian manufacturing with world-class products, proven solutions and a warranty scheme like no other.

Mr. Terrence Miranda

Managing Director

Phillips Machine Tools India

Mr. Rupesh Ranjan

Sales Director

Phillips Machine Tools India

HAAS made history with record sales during 2017. Can you please tell us about this magical achievement?

Terrence: 2017 was phenomenal. We received orders for more than 1,150 HAAS CNC Machines surpassing our earlier projections. There are several reasons for this but if I was to pick one it would have to be the special India Value Package that HAAS introduced on the popular VF-2 and VF-4 machines packed with options that enhance productivity at an incredible 43% discount.

The Indian industry has prospered in the last couple of years. The introduction of GST and other policies has driven Indian manufacturers to invest in the future.

Rupesh: Indian SMEs have always dreamt of owning a HAAS machine, a global machine builder that in the previous 30 years has sold more than 225,000 machines worldwide. Price was a hurdle in the fulfilment of this dream.

HAAS made these dreams come true in April 2017 with the India Value Package on its popular VF-2. This move was astounding with bookings of 114 machines in April 2017 alone! Sensing the customer response, HAAS extended this offer month-wise till June 2017. In July 2017, HAAS offered an India Value Package offer for the larger VF-4 as well. VF- 4 is one of the top-selling models across the world for HAAS. The HFO PHILLIPS team: sales, service and back office put in an outstanding effort. The team that booked 300 machines in 2016, booked 1,150 machines in 2017. Presales, After-Sales and the Office Support worked in unison and left no stone unturned to fulfil our promise to our customers: QUALITY and LEGENDARY SERVICE above all else. The same year saw the PHILLIPS EPD Engineered Products Division also record 450 other CNC product sales, which took PHILLIPS total CNC orders in 2017 to over 1,600 machines.

Is the India Value Price still applicable for both the VF models of HAAS?

Rupesh: : In the past 30 years, HAAS has not increased the prices of its models in the US. Features and unique innovations in CNC technology have become the hallmark of the HAAS VF series.

This value-based pricing strategy for its high-tech, high-accuracy products has made all the difference. In India, from 2012 onwards, price to the end user increased on account of the INR-USD exchange rate. HAAS presented the India Value Package for our popular VF-2 for April 2017 only. Indian manufacturers grabbed this opportunity, and new customers approached us immediately.

The stupendous response led HAAS to renew this month-by-month and to also include the VF-4 in this offer, which is valid till 30 July 2018. HAAS USA will then decide whether to extend it further.

What are your sales objectives for this year, and what plans have you made to achieve them?

Terrence: Our objective is simple: We will introduce HAAS and our INDIA VALUE PACKAGE to every CNC machine shop in India through an expanded sales, service and marketing presence. We will revolutionize Indian manufacturing particularly SMEs by delivering world-class products and services that will enable our customers Make in India and compete on the world stage.

Rupesh: We will focus on 2 initiatives: 1. An exclusive, comprehensive 1+3 years warranty for each HAAS machine. No Machine Tool Manufacturer has offered such a scheme in Indian Manufacturing history. Our confidence in this scheme stems from our assurance about HAAS Machines, parts and processes.
2. A 2-year deferred payment plan offered exclusively by PHILLIPS at industry leading rates. We believe that finance must not be an impediment in making world-class technology available to an Indian manufacturer.

How is HAAS catering to the growing demand of a 5-axis model machine?

Rupesh: HAAS machines have a unique plug-n-play feature and transforming from 3-axes to a 4- or 5-axes machine is seamless. A VF-2 or VF-4 machine can be upgraded to a 5-axes configuration by adding a trunnion 2-axes HAAS CNC rotary.

A HAAS machines owner can upgrade at any time and do not need to purchase an expensive stand-alone 5-axis machining center. Another example of HAAS SIMPLICITY and VALUE.

What value does HAAS add to the customers and how is Phillips extending those values in the market?

Rupesh: HAAS is differentiated by our legendary HAAS CONTROL and IN-HOUSE manufacturing of all critical assemblies, which ensures optimal synchronization and compatibility. and provide manuals, FAQs and much more to HAAS machine owners. In India, our unique HFO advantage ensures that parts and service are available in every major industrial area within 24 hours.

Terrence: HFO Phillips proudly represents HAAS and offers a variety of solutions in tune with HAAS objectives. The trust that our Indian customers shower on HAAS and Phillips invigorates us as we play our role in transforming India into a manufacturing powerhouse.

Quote Line: Indian customers shower trust on HAAS, and Phillips has perpetually strived to make this a reality.

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