Sterimax's Aspirations, Made possible by HAAS

The Sterimax journey with HAAS started in 2011 with just one CNC machine. Since the last seven years, productivity, accuracy and minimal downtime on their HAAS machines have facilitated their rapid growth. Sterimax receives 24×7 customer support from HAAS, and whenever they ask for assistance, the HFO Service Engineer arrives the same day. STERIMAX is poised for expansive growth and HAAS is their CNC machine tool of choice.

We were in the market for buying a CNC machine and had almost finalised another brand when we were approached by HAAS. We did benchmarking on a HAAS machine to check their quality and were fully satisfied to buy it. Added to that, the incredible price and value offered by HAAS compelled me to buy their machines,” said Mr. Ashok Chavan, Managing Director, Sterimax Engineering Pvt. Ltd.

Overcoming challenges

After graduating from IIT Powai in Mechanical Engineering, Mr. Chavan started his first job at Cipla and continued it for the next 10 years. During those days, Mr. Chavan realized that there was a vast market for these machines, but due to the cost factor, nobody was manufacturing these machines in India. In November 2007, he grabbed this opportunity and started making small spare parts for the machines catering to the Pharma industry under the company name, Wilmar India. The company primarily dealt in providing spare parts for the imported machines. “When I started this company, I had some constraint on funding, and so, I was not able to start a private limited company. As we grew, in November 2016, we became a private limited company by the name Sterimax Engineering Pvt. Ltd. Our company is recognized in the industry, and we have received many awards including the Excellence award from the Bank of Maharashtra, for the fastest-growing entrepreneur award,” said Mr. Chavan.

Paving the way to success

The company caters to all top pharmaceutical companies, and their customers are Cipla, Sun Pharma, Glaxo, Nirma, Mankind, Ranbaxy and D.R. Reddy’s, etc. They now have a 100% in-house manufacturing facility, which includes all types of machines such as HAAS VMC Machine, CNC Lathe Machine, EDM, CNC Wire cut, laser welding and laser cutting machinery, etc. “The processes of turning, milling, drilling and grinding are all done in-house on our HAAS machines. We do not outsource any process as the end accuracy involved in the process is +/- 5 microns. We have a total of 11 HAAS machines out of which 9 are VMCs, and the rest two are turning centers,” said Mr. Chavan.

HAAS – a major catalyst for success

The journey with HAAS started in 2011 with just one machine. At that time, the company was looking for a CNC machine for mould manufacturing. Their first choice was to buy a machine from another company, but a meeting with Vishal from the local HFO PHILLIPS changed their decision as he convinced them about the performance and technology of their machines.

HAAS took us to one of their customers for a demo of manufacturing a small mould, and we were satisfied with the performance of the machine. Therefore, we decided to go with the HAAS. We also did the benchmarking of our product on the HAAS machine before taking the decision.

We were extremely satisfied with all the machining aspects and accuracies achieved during this benchmarking,” said Mr. Chavan. Sterimax first bought a VM-3 from HAAS. After eight months, they purchased another VM-3 along with VF-3SS, VF-2 and VF-3 machines and turning centers SL-20 and S-L10. Soon afterwards, they purchased a VF-3 and two VF-2s recently.


We didn’t see any difference in the output during the benchmarking using both HAAS and another machine. When we had planned to buy a machine, we were not aware of the HAAS brand and had decided to buy another brand.

When we received the quotation for the other machine, it was 30-35% costlier as compared to HAAS. We realised that good quality can also be affordable and hence decided to buy HAAS machines,” said Mr. Chavan.

The experience till now with HAAS

HAAS made good on their promises regarding the machine, and we achieved the same results on the shop floor that we achieved during benchmarking. All my operators and programmers also received top-notch training from HAAS,” said Mr. Chavan. “The machines were delivered before time, and the interaction with the HAAS team is always good. I feel they are knowledgeable and friendly; they show very positive approach towards solving any problem. They are very keen about their service, and that is the plus point about HAAS,” said Mr. Chavan.

After sales support

Sterimax is using HAAS machines since the last seven years and has not faced any significant issues during that time. There was a very minimal downtime while using HAAS machines. Any minor issues that occur are handled efficiently by the Servicing team.

Sterimax receives 24×7 customer support from HAAS, and whenever they ask for assistance, the Service Engineer arrives the same day. Overall, the company is happy with HAAS and their excellent team.

Future with HAAS

Sterimax is more focused on quality as we are into a special purpose job. Our primary concern is quality rather than productivity. We are more than satisfied with the quality of HAAS machines, which ensures our product quality as well,” said Mr. Chavan.

As the company is getting the desired results and believes that HAAS machines are very reliable, they have plans of buying machines only from HAAS. “Sterimax is growing at a rapid pace, and keeping this in mind, in the next six months, we are planning to buy additional HAAS machines for which no doubt HAAS will support with a special offer.”

Our plan is to achieve a turnover of Rs. 500 crores in the next three years, for which, we need superior quality and efficient machines,” concluded Mr. Chavan.


Sterimax Engineering Pvt. Ltd. was established by Mr. Ashok Chavan in November 2007. He had a vision of serving the Pharmaceutical industry with his innovative machinery that was manufactured for the first time in India.

Mr. Chavan is a technocrat and a successful award-winning entrepreneur in the field of Blow Fill Seal and Form Fill Seal Machine technology. In India, there was massive demand for IV Fluid in the form of bottles and WFI, but Indian manufacturers were unable to cater to the market as the total project cost was very high.

The primary constraint was BFS/ FFS machine and mould cost, which were costing more than Rs. 100 million. Mr. Chavan took the initiative to serve the industry by refurbishing imported machines and mould for imported machines in his manufacturing unit.

He was successful in catering to the clients with quality, performance and service for machines. He now has a state-of-the-art manufacturing unit at Mhape, Navi Mumbai with more than 12 imported HAAS machines and experienced technical, marketing and service teams.

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